Stubborn little girls

Posted by danaandtammy on Saturday Apr 4, 2009 Under Kid Stories, Stories

We don’t just write much here on our blog. We are a lot about pictures, but some things are a little hard to photograph. And though we have some major concerns about Kenny right now, Emma still has a way of keeping us on our toes.

Our first born Emma is a little strong willed, stubborn you might say. It shows in the typical 2 and 3 year moments like not wanted to go to bed, etc. But is has also shown in bigger yet more subtle ways.

Walking. She would not walk by herself when she was learning to walk. We actually where quite worried that she was delayed with walking. She wouldn’t take any of those few unhelped steps that are so typical from mom do dad. Then after weeks of being so close to walking, but too stubborn to take any steps by herself a toy at a garage sale caught her eye. She forgot about holding our hands and walked to the toy. Within hours of that moment she was a walker and didn’t need any help.

Potty training. Same thing. Too stubborn to try the potty. Then one day, later than most kids, in a panic in the bathtub that she had to go potty we were able to set her on the potty. The tinkle came out. It wasn’t that hard, and she never went back to diapers. Walking in one day. Potty training in one day.

Naps. Naps had been going great. Two hours, sometimes more, every afternoon. Last Monday, “I’m not tired.” No naps since then.

So we are glad our daughter can walk and is potty trained, we are sad that naps are done. What is for sure though is that we will always love our little girl even with all her stubbornness.


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  1. Tessa Says:

    I’m not surprised one bit. :) On the bright side, I heard a lady on the radio a few weeks ago talk about how parents should be very happy to have strong-willed/stubborn children because as they grow up and enter the teen years/adulthood, that’s what they’ll need to stand up to peer pressure and stick to their values/faith. So whenever you get frustrated with her, think about the positive effects that will come from it later in life. :)

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