MRI is over with

Posted by danaandtammy on Tuesday Apr 7, 2009 Under Kenny's Health, Kid Pictures, Photographs

Kenny is all done with his MRI and we are now at home. Everything with regards to the MRI went smoothly and he actually seems to be back somewhat to normal (he was nice and content on the drive home and even fell asleep).

We did talk with one of our pediatricians about the scans. He said the radiologist who read the scans (so not a neurologist) said that we can rule out stroke and any sort of tumors. So that is good news. What the radiologist did see was that there are some structural abnormalities with the right side of Kenny’s brain (the side that would affect the left side of his body). What the radiologist and the pediatrician don’t know is what are the ramifications of the structural differences. We hopefully will hear from the neurologist yet today or tomorrow.

We will leave you with a picture of Kenny from the recovery room. It took a while, but he finally started to feel ok enough to give us a smile. The bandage on his right hand is just there to keep the IV in place. It kind of looked like a little cast.


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