We Heard from the Neurologist

Posted by danaandtammy on Thursday Apr 9, 2009 Under Kenny's Health

We heard from the neurologist today. Actually his nurse called us. The MRI shows that the right side of Kenny’s brain did not develop correctly while he was in Tammy’s tummy. What this means for his future development is not clear. The situation is as the nurse put it a matter of “waiting and see what happens.” On the positive side, the condition is not progressive or degenerative, so his brain is not going to get worse.

So again, just pray that we would have peace and the ability to trust. Thanks for all of your prayers. Things could have been worse, and we hope that we can remember that. He is a great baby, alert and full of smiles and laughs. We thank God for him everyday.

With love,
The Swanstroms


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  1. Diane Says:

    So, do you still have to see the neurologist at the end of the month?

    Is it just “wait and see” before any determination of therapies are done to assist with development?

    Will be praying!

  2. danaandtammy Says:

    We will be seeing the neurologist on April 22. We are pretty sure that as we talked with the neurologist’s nurse that the “wait and see” refers to the big picture of what affect with this will have on Kenny for the long term.

    With regards to therapies, we already have a home visit set up with a physical therapist. We will also be working with a chiropractor. We’ll probably pursue a lot of different options so see what will be best for Kenny.

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