The Princesses

Posted by danaandtammy on Sunday May 24, 2009 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

Those people at Disney sure know a little girl’s heart. They definately over market Princesses, but in a sense it is neat to see our little Emma become interested in Princesses. I don’t really think it has to do with the beauty and glamour. I think that little girls and older ones like to be pursued and loved. And the stories of the pricesses do illustrate good traits (fruits of the spirit for those who are familiar). Who knows how long this phase will last, but it has been fun.

This is Princess Emma and Princess Landry. Though Emma doesn’t really like taking pictures, she will do anything that her older cousin Landry does. So since Landry was up for posing, Emma was too. They also just spun and jumped around an Tammy just snapped away.


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