Farmer Kenny for His 10 Month Picture

Posted by danaandtammy on Monday Aug 24, 2009 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

As some of you know, we take a special picture of Kenny each month. Today Kenny turned 10 months so we borrowed his cousin’s tractor and headed into the country. We got a lot of good ones so this post will be a little long.

We decided that Kenny should show off is muscles so he went shirtless.

The hat in the next couple pictures was Great Grandpa Kenny Swanstrom’s hat.

Kenny was so proud of the piece of grass that we gave him to hold.

Thoughfully examining his piece of grass.

This picture is a little odd, but it is the beginning of the first of two falls. He saw something interesting in the sand, leaned down, fell, and his head bonked the front tire. Tammy was right there, but it happenened so quickly. The next picture shows the reaction and how dirty his pants got.

We brushed him off and even took all the pictures of him in the hat afterwards. We had one more fall that could have been worse, but Tammy was able to grab him just as his head was hitting the ground

So after all the pictures and the falls, he still was smiling even though he had a little dirt on this face.


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