The Minnesota State Fair

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I (Dana) woke up yesterday morning and got the idea to bring Emma and her cousin Landry to the Minnesota State Fair. It was a pretty big idea as they are 3.5 and 4.5 years old respectively, the fair is humongous, and just to get there is an almost 2 hour drive. We decided to do it though and it was lots of the fun. Both Emma and Landry did a great job (I had to carry both of them at times because of all the walking), but never the less they were troopers and had lots of fun and then slept on the drive home.

Our first ride was on a Ferris Wheel. I was a little worried because it went very high, but neither of them seemed to be afraid of heights.

It didn’t take long to get thirsty so we all shared a fresh squeezed $5 glass of lemonade. (Got to love those “fair” prices).

Next we were off to a little fun house. It had to levels and the bottom was a glass and mirror walled maze. Both Emma and Landry bonked their heads on the glass before making it through.

Another picture of the two of them. They were very cooperative for the camera.

After a lot of walking we made it to the “Kidway” where there are just kiddie rides. This is the Spinning Balloon Ride.

We took in a Merry-go-Round. Emma rode on a “rein-goat”. (Emma is sitting next to me as I write this and used that term). Now she just said, “Actually, it had those things sticking from its head. It was a deer.”

Landry had a regular horse.

They both like slides, so though not the best “value” in my mind as again the ride lasted 5 seconds, they sure thought it was worth it.

After the rides we visited some of the animal exhibits. Here we are in the sheep barn and they are doing some sheep crafts. No gluing cotton balls on these sheep. That is raw wool that they are using–complete with dirt and sawdust and who knows what else. I just decided not to look to close and the girls sure didn’t care.

Last one. Though we had tons of fun, we also had times like this of pure exhaustion. Again though, the girls did great.


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