Kenny’s Left Hand–An Update at 10.5 Months

Posted by danaandtammy on Monday Sep 7, 2009 Under Kenny's Health

Most of you know about Kenny’s diagnosis with a brain defect (closed-lip schizencephaly). If you need any of the history you can see our other blog posts related to Kenny’s health. Since the original diagnosis the only apparent symptom that Kenny continues to manifest is problems with his left hand. Everything else developmentally has occurred pretty much on schedule. He isn’t crawling yet, but Emma was a late crawler also and Kenny is very close. Well over the summer Kenny had physical therapy, occupational therapy, and usually two chiropractic appointments every week. We were able to see a lot of progress in just his awareness of his left hand and then more. Since it has been such a gradual process it is sometimes hard for us to really be in awe of what God has done with Kenny. His lack of function in his left hand was so obvious as a 5 month old that we took him to the hospital. He has spent most of his time with his left hand in a fist, but (and for any other 10 month old this wouldn’t be a big deal) he now can do this…

Link to video here


3 Responses to “Kenny’s Left Hand–An Update at 10.5 Months”

  1. Eileen Erickson Says:

    Wow! I’d say Kenny is progressing very well with using his left hand. God’s continued blessings to all of you as you go through this time with Kenny. He’s so sweet.

  2. Jen Schultz Says:

    Hey guys! This is the first we have heard of Kenny’s health situation. It looks like he is making huge strides, though! We will totally be praying for you guys and checking back on the blog. Let us know if you need anything!–Jen & Grant

  3. Diane Says:

    How fun to see what Kenny can do with his left hand!

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