A Little Girl’s Mind

Posted by danaandtammy on Wednesday Sep 30, 2009 Under Kid Stories, Photographs, Stories

“Mom, when will I have a baby?”

“When you get older and get married.”

“Who am I going to marry?”

“Well who do you want to marry?”


“Sorry, he is already married to me. How about your friend Jack?” (See picture)


(Jack is a little younger than Emma, but they are good friends since his mom and dad are friends of Emma’s mom and dad)

“Oh no, not Jack……….But what about Georg in China?”

“Do you mean Georg in Germany?”

“Yes, Georg in Germany” (See picture)


(As you can see there is a bit of an age difference. Georg stayed with Dana’s family back in the late 90s for one school year as an exchange student. We have visited him in Germany a couple of times and he was so good to Emma. He would make a good husband.)

“When you do have a baby, daddy and I will be a grandpa and a grandma and you will live with your husband.”

“I will miss you and daddy when you are a grandma and grandpa. I will miss you so much.”

At this time real tears came and the conversation was over. At 3.5 years she is already thinking ahead to the future.


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