Small Butt

Posted by danaandtammy on Sunday Nov 29, 2009 Under Kid Stories, Stories

Kenny has a metal trash can in his bedroom. This morning it was tipped over and the can’s normal circle shape was more oval. We asked Emma if she had sat on the trash can. Her reply (not edited for grammar) was “I have a small butt. I can’t do it. Maybe Kenny did it.”


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  1. Maria Says:

    Hi, my name is Maria and I ru I was wondering if I could use one of your images on our Facebook page. I will give you credit for the picture. Thank you once again,

  2. danaandtammy Says:

    Sorry for just not seeing this. I haven’t logged on to this blog in years. I do have hopes of restarting my blogging again someday soon. I assume you don’t still need a picture but thank you for taking the time to ask! I would be happy to give you one in the future, but I would like to copyright it because the stealing of our pictures has become completely disheartening and let to us taking a long break from photography.

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