Sledding Adventure

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We received about 4 inches of snow last night, with another possible 10 inches to come tonight and tomorrow. The weather was nice enough though after present opening to head out on a walk and to do a little sledding.

So here is the setup, two kids, two sleds, one rope, and one dad.

Mom was mainly the photographer on the trip, but here she is and we did get her on a sled, so there will be pictures of that later on.

Just getting out of the driveway.

The street’s been plowed, but the snow never comes all the way off on the first pass.

Just a nice morning to walk in the snow. Temperature around 32 F (0 C).

Kenny was a little concerned as I pulled him us the snow back on the side of the road. He was buckled in though.

Here we are getting ready for the first run. Kenny is going to sit this one out.

Emma’s getting a little bit more pumped. She likes sledding, though she still remembers last year when I sent her down the hill herself. She crashed and actually bled. It was almost a year ago, but she still remembers.

First run through the fresh powder.

The sledding area is actually a drainage area that never has had water in it. The hill is just right for little kids.

Kenny joined us for a few runs.

Here is another run. After a good path was laid, we got some pretty good speed.

Just the girls did one run. Kenny again watched.

Tammy has done some sledding, but she still is a southerner (Oklahoma) at heart.

The two of them did go off the path and into some fresh powder and actually over a small jump.

This shows the effect of fresh powder a little bit better.

No injuries and smiles as we head for home.


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  1. Diane Says:

    What fun to see your sliding adventures! We have great memories with the girls on the golf course. Did you make it to Colorado?

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