Our Sick Boy

Posted by danaandtammy on Saturday Jan 30, 2010 Under Kenny's Health, Kid Pictures, Kid Stories, Photographs, Stories

Kenny had a fever of 104 yesterday, but then this morning he seemed to be doing a lot better. After his afternoon nap his fever was back up to 103.8. We decided to go into Urgent Care to get him checked over. The doctor could see that his throat was quite red and with white “junk.” He hoped that it would be strep throat so we could get him some antibiotics and be done with it. The strep test came back negative though. We left urgent care just with the explanation that it was a case of viral tonsillitis. After his afternoon nap his fever was back up and this time 104.9, so we called the on call pediatrician. Her diagnosis over the phone is that Kenny most likely has mono. High fever and sore throat with white secretions are pretty telling when it comes to mono. So the plan is just to keep him as comfortable as possible with ibuprofen and if anything changes to go back to the doctor.

Right before bed Kenny was actually doing a little bit better after a fresh dose of ibuprofen. He let us put a baby wipe on his forehead to help him keep cool.


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