Disneyland and Princesses Day 2

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We got to Disneyland when it opened at 8:00am. It was nice not to wait for Pirates of the Caribbean and the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Emma loved the Mountain Railroad which is a pretty speedy roller coaster (here is a video of what it’s like). After 9 am the lines started to get a little longer so we hit the princesses again.

Some morning cuddle time with Kenny.

Though a day had passed, Snow White still remembered Emma from breakfast. Again, she seemed to be the nicest of the princesses.

Emma next was able to meet with Sleeping Beauty again.

The two of them posed nicely for the cameras.

Minnie Princess was a surprise and actually Emma wasn’t that excited to see her. She would have rather have seen Pocahontas.

Later in the afternoon we stood in line one more time to see the princesses. This time with cousin Landry.

Kenny and mom entertained themselves with a water bottle.

Cousin Landry was with us for this trip to the Princess Fantasy Faire.

Cinderella greeted the girls first.

The girls then met with Jasmine.

Sleeping Beauty was the last princess for the day and the trip.

We went on one last ride, Roger Rabbit’s Wild Ride. Kenny didn’t like it too much, but he did like the fountain in the front of the ride.

Kenny liked the fountain and the two girls enjoyed Kenny.

After the ride we got one last picture in front of the castle.  We flew out the next morning. It was a short trip, but one we will never forget.


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