Govin’s Farm

Posted by danaandtammy on Saturday Mar 27, 2010 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

There is a farm in Menomonie that has figured out that if you open up to the public to come and see your baby animals, that people will come and will even pay for it. We met up with some friends and spent a couple hours on a farm that amazingly was so busy with people that their might have been more people than animals.

Emma and Jack went to the craft store Michael’s for a little craft work with some special clay. Emma made a flower and Jack made a dinosaur that soon turned into a cell phone and then into a square.

We checked out the horses and mules first.

Then inside the barn (at a cost of $5 a person) to see the goats.

Next a lamb.

It took a little while to convince Emma to hold the lamb, but once she did she was hooked.

Kenny left but Emma kept holding the lamb.

Some little chicks needed some tender touches.

Emma dropped only one chick, but there were no injuries as a result.

Kenny never held a chick, which was good news for the chicks.

We ended the trip with a little wagon ride pulled by some horses.

Here is one more of Emma and Jack after a fun day together.


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