Easter Egg Hunting at Carson Park

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The Boy and Girl Scouts of Eau Claire put on a really nice Easter Egg Hunt for the community. It was a lot of fun.

Kenny did a nice job waiting for the hunt to start. The coloroful eggs were tempting.

Kenny and I set the goal of getting one egg. I placed him in front of a blue one. He just stood there for a moment mesmorized by all of the other kids running around. Finally he reached down to pick it up.

Next was getting the egg into the basket. It looks like he is on his way, but what actaully happened right after I took this shot was that Kenny saw another little boy put an egg into the grocery bag held by this little boy’s mom. Kenny decided that must be the thing to do, so we walked over and with out the mom seeing he put his blue egg in the the bag. The mom did end up noticing and gave the egg back to Kenny and he got it into his basket.

After getting his one egg we went to the egg trading post where eggs were traded for a bag of candy.

If you look really close you can see his bag of jelly beans. Kenny really likes jelly beans.

The hunt was divided up into age groups so Emma and Landry went with Tammy to the 3-5 year old area. The compitition was stiff, but with a little sharing, both girls ended up with 4 eggs.

They too traded in their eggs for candy.

They both like jelly beans also.

Besides just the egg hunt, there were some inflatable jumping areas and one had a slide.

The girls loved the slide and had to do it twice.


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