Kenny’s Last Night of Nursing

Posted by danaandtammy on Saturday Apr 24, 2010 Under Kenny's Health, Kid Pictures, Photographs, Special Events

Kenny turned 1.5 today. We’ve been working towards it this week and with tonights feeding Kenny is officially weened. Since Kenny has no idea it is happening, he seems to be fine with it. Tammy on the other hand is going to miss it. With Kenny weened, Tammy can get back on some of the medication that she has been off of for about 5 years that can help with her fibromyalgia.

Ever since we found out about Kenny’s left hand, nursing has been a time for some massage therapy. Tammy would massage and rotate his left arm and hand. We may never know how much this “therapy” has helped with his development.

Afterwards Kenny was in great spirits (he has no idea that anything is different). He had to pull off his mom’s glasses one more time as that is usually part of the nursing ritual.


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