Flowering Crabapple Tree

Posted by danaandtammy on Monday May 3, 2010 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

At our old house on Emery Street, Grandma and Grandpa Swany bought some trees for our backyard. One of the trees was a beautiful flowering crabapple tree. Before putting our old house on the market, we dug up the tree and brought it to our new house. It recently bloomed so here are some current pictures and one from a few years ago.

This was taken May 18, 2008 in the backyard of our old house.

The tree did tickle her a little bit, but we did get her to go under it and she added the nice smile. These were all taken May 3, 2010.

Kenny didn’t want to stand under the tree, but we did get him to sit.

Weighing less than 30 lbs and wearing a diaper make it possible to sit on pointy rocks and still smile.

It was a little chilly so Emma got on her coat. The coat matches her glasses so well that it fits right in.


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