May Cross the Line, But Funny

Posted by danaandtammy on Tuesday Jun 29, 2010 Under Kid Stories, Stories

I (Dana) have brought Kenny and Emma to Emma’s swimming lessons the last two days. Don’t know if it is all the water, but both days I have had to use the restroom. Having Kenny with, I just chose to hold him while I stood and did what I needed to do. Today after all of this occurred, it was time to get Emma changed into her dry clothes. Since she is only 4 she was in the men’s changing area with me and while I was helping her Kenny was roaming free.

Kenny almost immediately headed for the urinal (small detail, these are full length urinals that go all the way to the floor). Since I was concerned that he might start playing in the urinal, I started walking his way. As I was walking I noticed that he had stopped right in front of the urinal, he then lifted up his shirt, and then this is the best part, he grabbed onto a little extra skin that is part of his belly button and just stood there facing the urinal. He did exactly everything that I had done just minutes before, just with a different part of the anatomy since he hasn’t yet figure out how to get his diaper off. At 20 months it seems to me he is ready to start peeing like the big boys.


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  1. Tammy Says:

    ha! ha! funny guy! :)

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