Northern Wisconsin State Fair

Posted by danaandtammy on Friday Jul 9, 2010 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

The Swanstrom Family met up with our friends the Gormans to have a little fun at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair. It was a little hot, but not too bad.

We started off in the butterfly house. It was actually free to get in and air conditioned.

Papa Swany, who grew up on a farm, hasn’t had a chance to explain the many reasons why you don’t milk a cow from the rear.

The first ride for Emma and Jack was an obstacle course with a few fun slides.

Static electricty was a big part of the ride.

No ones hair was safe.

I almost though Kenny would be too little to appreciate the rides. I was wrong. He just loved driving the car and when I started to unbuckle him at the end he threw a nice little fit.

He was totally into turning the steering wheel and then waving to people. He never waved at us, just random people.

Poor Jack. His bee never went up and down. He did get to ride again though.

Though Emma went down the slide first, we start with a picture of Jack. This is because I (Dana) wasn’t paying attention when Emma came down first.

So here is Emma. The carnival worker was so nice that even without asking, he let Emma and Jack go a second time so that I could get a picture. Carnival workers kind of have a bad name, but we interacted with some pretty nice ones.

Kenny’s last ride was on the motorcycles.

Again, he just loved it. This time his fit started as soon as the motorcycles stopped moving. He knew this time that his dad would be coming to get him.


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