Trip to Louisiana–First Stop St. Louis

Posted by danaandtammy on Wednesday Aug 11, 2010 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs, Travels

One road trip wasn’t enough for this summer, so we are off to Louisiana. With two kids we split the trip up into two days by stopping in St. Louis. We spent the night and then as we took off the next day we stopped at the Gateway Arch.

Not a cloud in the sky. The beginnings of a hot day.

The Arch is definitely big.

The wait to get on the elevator wasn’t too long. Going on a Wednesday morning helps.

The elevators are more like pods with seats for 6 people to squeeze into.

Kenny liked to look out the window of the elevator.

Up at the top, you have to lean out to look out the window.

We worked really hard to get a good picture of the two of them.

We couldn’t get them to sit together though as you can see.

The arch is right on the Mississippi River, so as we walked back to the car Emma did a little wading in the water and that lead to a little jumping in the water.


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