Trip to Louisiana–Time in New Orleans

Posted by danaandtammy on Friday Aug 13, 2010 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs, Travels

We made two trips to the city of New Orleans. Once we found parking, it was nice to walk around with the kids. The weather didn’t cooperate the first day, but our second trip was rain free. Both trips were memorable though.

Our first stop was at Cafe Du Monde.

The speciality of Cafe Du Monde is their beignets, which are basically donut squares with powder sugar on them.

Outside the cafe were some musicians that gave Kenny and Emma a little concert. Emma is trying to get Kenny to dance. As you can see some rain has started to fall.

Well, the skys basically opened up wide and we did our best to stay dry.

Emma enjoyed using the umbrella.

It just kept raining though, so we decided to get out of the French Quarter. In the process of exiting, Tammy dropped our camera on her foot producing a bloody gash and I banged my head trying to get our stuff into the back of the station wagon.

Kenny also had an umbrella. Tammy and I did not have an umbrella.

To get out of the rain we spent some time at the New Orleans Audubon Aquarium of the Americas.

We couldn’t get Kenny to join in on a picture, so here is just Emma.

This is a few days later. No rain, but it was pretty hot. We spent a little time at Jackson Square in the French Quarter. With a nice hand cross, Kenny is practicing for his Senior pictures.

The St. Louis Cathedral made for a nice backdrop for Norah.

And for Emma.

And for Aunt Lori and Cousin Luke.

The night ended with a meal and Auntie Tammy spending a little time with Luke.


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