The Children Museums of Our Travels

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On our trip to Louisiana and then a week later to Duluth, we traveled to four children’s museum. Since we have a reciprocity membership here in Eau Claire, we were able to visit them all for free. So in this post we will include pictures from Memphis, St. Louis, and Duluth. We also went to the museum in New Orleans, but we forgot our camera so we don’t have any pictures.


The outside was pretty neat, with the Children’s Museum of Memphis blocks that let you know that you had arrived.

It was hot, but the kids enjoyed being out of the car.

Inside there was an amazing grocery store that even printed out a receipt of the things that you had bought.

Kenny enjoyed pretending to shop in the grocery store.

Kenny liked the produce aisle a lot.

We tried to work on putting stuff back, but he didn’t always put things back in the right spot.

We tried to get nice fire truck picture, but it never did quite work.

Kenny did enjoy pretending to drive the fire truck.

The museum had some really neat airplane exhibits.

St. Louis

We started with some painting.

Kenny hasn’t done a lot of painting yet in his life, but he sure enjoys it when he has the chance.

Emma also enjoys painting.

Looks like the sun and a rainbow.

I think I will have a helper with the car repairs.

The kids did a little fishing for some metal fish and a magnetic lure.

Water is one of Kenny’s favorite things to play with.

There were some tears when we had to leave this part.

Very true.

They had an almost full sized giant bean stalk. I think it was 3 stories tall.

Emma took the bean stalk all the way to the top.


Outside the Duluth is a statue of Albert Woolson. He fought on the Union side during the Civil war and when he died at age 106, he was the last Union surviving Union soldier. A really interesting thing was that a lady asked us to take a picture of her by the statue. After the photo she explained that she was a great-granddaughter of Mr. Woolson. She said that he was known for giving pennies to children and when she had visited his grave there were pennies on his tombstone.

The Duluth Children’s Museum is still in its early stages, so unfortunately it was quite as exciting as the other museums that we visited. That’s ok. The kids still had fun.


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