Passport Pictures

Posted by danaandtammy on Monday Jan 17, 2011 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs, Travels

Emma, Lily, and Lanie needed some passport pictures taken so we set up some umbrellas and flashes in our basement. Everyone was very cooperative, especially Lily and Lanie.

When I got our “studio lights” out, Kenny walk directly over to the wall to get his photo taken. This doesn’t usually happen.

Lily was first. She did a great job of smiling.

Emma wanted one with her “daughter.”

The friends, Lily and Lanie (Lanie is cousin Landry’s “daughter”).

Lanie’s passport picture also turned out nice.

Here was Emma’s keeper. Emma needs to renew her passport because Tammy and her are going to China in March during spring break. Kenny and dad would like to go, but the trip would require dad to miss some school and 12 hours on a plane is extra tough for 2 year olds. Also, the vouchers that we got for volunteering to be bumped from our flights at Christmas paid for their two tickets.

This was Emma’s passport picture for her first passport. Oh how time flies.

This is one of those pictures that Kenny probably will wish was never posted. After we were done with the passport pictures, Kenny wanted to do a little bike riding and we didn’t have his blue boy bike in the basement.

His sister was helping, but at times a little boy doesn’t want his sister’s help.


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  1. Sara Says:

    Should’ve had you take my passport photo!!!!! Love the pics on the bike. So cute!

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