The Water Cube

Posted by danaandtammy on Friday Mar 25, 2011 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs, Travels

One of the more famous venues from the 2008 Summer Olympics was the Water Cube.  Home of the swimming, diving and synchronised swimming events during the Olympics, Beijing’s Water Cube is now Asia’s largest indoor water park.

Lots of strangers wanted to get pictures with Emma. Not a single person asked me to be in their pictures :(.

This part of the Water Cube is the water park. The water was so nice and warm.  Unfortunately, I saw a baby with no diaper!

After leaving the water park area we were able to witness some pretty amazing diving at the Diving World Series. We saw some syncronized diving and some 10m platform diving.


2 Responses to “The Water Cube”

  1. Winkie F. Says:

    May I ask what camera you used in the waterpark? The pics seem to be good!

  2. danaandtammy Says:

    I apologize for seeing this so many years later. I haven’t logged on to this blog in years because dealing with all the spam and people stealing our pictures became to overwhelming. But I do have hopes of restarting my blogging again someday soon.

    Its been too long for me to remember for sure but I think during that time we had a Nikon D700 and probably a 24-70 lens. So I was that crazy white American lady who everyone was staring at for bringing my fancy camera into the water. It was insured in case I dropped it:-) but that doesn’t excuse my unintentional flaunting of excessive wealth compared to the rest of the world that I’m sure makes most hate Americans even more.

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