Monday ~ January 6, 2014 ~ Day 6

Posted by danaandtammy on Monday Jan 6, 2014 Under Daily Life, Holidays, Kid Pictures

With the high temperature of -5 and a windchill high of -18, school was cancelled today.  Dana even took off work to spend the day with us.  The most time consuming event of the day was taking down our Christmas tree.  Kenny was just so sad that we had to take it down.  He cried and cried but finally calmed down when Papa Swany called and said he would like to use it in his backyard for the birds.

Here is our tree on Christmas Eve.  One of my traditions is to buy a glass ball ornament from all our travels. I think we are at a all time record with two getting broken this year.  One from Hawaii and one from Colorado. I am hoping Dana’s family can get us one from Hawaii when they go this Spring.  Hint Hint:)  Or better yet – can we come with?

Cousin Landry braved the cold and spent the day with us.  She even helped take down the decorations!

This little dude wanted me to rock him to sleep tonight.  It has probably been a couple years so I was so surprised when he actually fell asleep.  I was in heaven.  I can’t believe that I sometimes still miss nursing; but not enough to have another kid:-)


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