Our first stop was lunch at the American Girl cafe.  The rest of the day we all rode rides.

I’m glad we decided to bring just our point and shoot camera and truly just enjoy the day. Happy Birthday my sweet!

Our annual birthday letter to Emma-

Dear Emma,

We just returned from just a great day at the Mall of America. This year it was just the four of us. We ate at the American Girl Doll Store and then spent the rest of the afternoon riding rides. It was so nice that more than once, you choose to sit with Kenny on a ride and mom and I rode together. You are such a great big sister (though you do have your moments :-) ).

This year you have returned to competing in gymnastics. You have done so well and we look forward to how you will develop with you skills. Because of abilities that God has given you, we pray often that you will realize the power that you hold. So many with great skills use their position to gain popularity and become prideful. We pray that you will remain humble and use your position to encourage those around you who are younger and look up to you and to encourage those that might have less ability but are trying their hardest.

Your 8th year of life has really been full of great memories. We are so glad that you are our daughter. We thank God for you daily.


Mom and Dad


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