New Years Day ~ January 1, 2015 ~ Day 1

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For the last few years our New Years Day tradition has been to go to the Mall of America in Minneapolis. American Girl always has extra special activities and giveaways in celebration of their new doll of the year.  You couldn’t be more thrilled with this year’s – Grace Thomas – who loves Paris and baking.  Two of your favorite things!

This doll bakery is amazing!  I love that you have started saving.

They even had cookie decorating and little luggage tags for the kids and dolls.

Today you used your Christmas money to get Grace and are “trying” to wait patiently for your birthday so you get some of her accessories.

The rest of the day you both enjoyed the rides even with the long lines.

~Just for fun~

-Your love for Paris started at age 4 after our fun mother and daughter trip to Germany and France in 2010.


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Happy New Year from all of us!  2014 was definitely a hard year.  I have faith that we will look back and see how God was still faithful through all of it.  For most of the year I suffered from severe fatigue and pain and in the Fall my symptoms progressed to swollen fingers and a face rash which finally let to a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, discoid lupus, and raynauds. After a couple months of being on medication I am thankful how much I am starting to feel better.  The hardest part is that cold weather makes me feel worse and we live in the frozen tundra.

Last January I started a 365 photo project and I actually stuck with it until my health got so bad in November.  Maybe someday those pictures will get blogged:-) With a new year I decided to start fresh and start blogging again.  But this year I am going to try something different.  Most posts will be written to my kids – Emma and Kenny.  Writing isn’t my forte so it mainly be a picture journal but I hope that every now and then they will enjoy looking back at all our crazy adventures and know how much they are loved.

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