Easter Afternoon

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We celebrated Easter at the Ternberg’s house. It was also Carter’s birthday so we celebrated that too.

Here is a picture of all the kids. This was taken just before the Easter egg hunt.

Kenny found one egg. His cousin Avery did the hiding and set the rules so that they big kids couldn’t take any of the eggs that were easy for Kenny to get.

Kenny quit after his one egg, and did a little posing for the camera.

We couldn’t get the best pose from the two of them, but you can at least see thier Easter outfits.

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Tessa helped us get a family picture.

Landry and Emma had lots of fun.

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Happy Birthday Avery

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Cousin Avery turned 11 on St. Patrick’s Day. The birthday party was a few days later, but we were there to celebrate with all of the relatives.

For present opening, the younger girls in the family just looked on. The probably all wished that it was their birthday too.

One of the highlights for Avery was her own computer. I would have been just as pumped.

A Coldstone Ice Cream cake was the dessert of choice. Avery would make a good Rudolf.

Kenny caused a lot of trouble so we did keep him locked up in the sunroom for most of the night. Just kidding. He did like it out there though. Here he is doing a little piggy impersonation.

After being freed from his lock up Kenny did a little relaxing on his Papa Swany’s lap.

And a little nose picking also.

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If you haven’t figured it out yet, we are a little behind in blogging. Here are some from Halloween evening. It was a little cold outside, so we made it to a total of 5 houses, but that was plenty for Emma to get a nice sugar high.

Emma and Ava started the night with a little stretching to get ready for the hard work of trick or treating.

Emma’s cousin Landry was a bride. She is actually wearing her older sister’s flower girl dress. It was the dress that Avery had worn when she was the flower girl at our wedding.

Emma, Landry, and friend Avery

Emma, Kenny, and neighborhood friend Gabriella

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Tracy and Family Survive the Ironman

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My brother-in-law finished the Wisconsin Ironman in 12:48:37. I’ve got to get to school, so here are some pictures.

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Cousin Avery’s Birthday Party

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Cousin Avery had her 10th birthday party this last weekend. Her actual birthday is March 17th. Her she is with her cake.


Also at the party was Aunt Tessa, Uncle Ryan and Kenny


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