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Lot’s of the trip worked out so amazingly. We didn’t plan ahead, but here we are in Munich during the first days of the 200th anniversary Oktoberfest.

Getting ready for the opening day parade.

It was a little hard to see, but still lots of fun.

Decorated cookies seem to be part of the Oktoberfest tradition.

“You are sweet”

Lots of carnival rides at Oktoberfest. Emma is in the second row.

Emma didn’t want to leave and she didn’t want to get a picture with Georg.

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Neuschwanstein is probably the most famous castle in the world. Emma’s interest in princesses made the visit all the more fun.

Emma had actually been up this hill before in her mom’s tummy. Here her good friend Georg is giving her a much more scenic ride up the hill.


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Germany-The Aschaffenburg Castles

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Another day trip took us to Aschaffenburg to see its palaces.


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Germany-Time with Dear Friends

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Thomas and Maria and their family are dear friends of ours. Thomas was a foreign exchange student with Dana’s family back in the 90s. They are some of the most hospitable and caring people that we know. Thanks for opening your house to us.

On Opel Zoo just outside of Frankfurt was the first adventure of the trip.

Waiting for the bus.

Riding on the U-bahn (metro train) in Frankfurt.

Emma loved using public transportation.

Emma and Lenny didn’t speak the same language, but they still enjoyed there time together.

The weather was good for playing outside.

Family picture time!

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