Serve Rally at Jacob’s Well

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Our church had a little event to celebrate serving. There were lots of things for the kids and it was a beautiful evening.

There was a great wide open bouncy area that the kids had a lot of fun on.

Kenny fell as much as he walked, but that didn’t matter.

The main game was to run back and forth. Simple but lots of fun.

Three friends having fun. Doesn’t get much better.

Jack and Emma always have so much fun together.

Emma tired a little, but she didn’t rest for long.

Kenny and his friend Ty had lots of fun. They both got a little dirty eating though.

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Chaos Water Park

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Our second big event of Spring Break was to head to the Chaos Indoor Water Park here in Eau Claire. We joined up with Jack and Ty for the festivities. Everyone had a lot of fun, and Emma really liked going on the big tube slide.

We got everyone to look at the camera.

Once Jack pretended to be Superman though, Kenny lost his focus.

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Govin’s Farm

Posted by danaandtammy on Saturday Mar 27, 2010 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

There is a farm in Menomonie that has figured out that if you open up to the public to come and see your baby animals, that people will come and will even pay for it. We met up with some friends and spent a couple hours on a farm that amazingly was so busy with people that their might have been more people than animals.

Emma and Jack went to the craft store Michael’s for a little craft work with some special clay. Emma made a flower and Jack made a dinosaur that soon turned into a cell phone and then into a square.

We checked out the horses and mules first.

Then inside the barn (at a cost of $5 a person) to see the goats.

Next a lamb.

It took a little while to convince Emma to hold the lamb, but once she did she was hooked.

Kenny left but Emma kept holding the lamb.

Some little chicks needed some tender touches.

Emma dropped only one chick, but there were no injuries as a result.

Kenny never held a chick, which was good news for the chicks.

We ended the trip with a little wagon ride pulled by some horses.

Here is one more of Emma and Jack after a fun day together.

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Toddler Tuesday at the Mall of America

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America’s largest mall is only 100 miles away and every Tuesday they have discounts for little kids and their parents. Emma, Tammy, Jack, and Leslie made the trip and everyone agreed that it was a very fun day and that they hoped to do it again sometime soon.

Emma and Jack started the day on the Merry-Go-Round.

There were few of the rides that Emma and Jack could go on by themselves.

On the other rides Tammy and Leslie were able to join the young ones.

Emma enjoyed the hot air balloon ride.

The whole time she was in awe of the ups and downs and all the things you could see.

They had a little roller coaster type ride. It didn’t go upside down, but it was still pretty fun.

Emma maybe found her profession…truck driving.

To make it even more realistic she picked up a hitch hicker along her route.

Then again, after watching her drive bumper cars, truck driving might not be the safest career.

This was one of the rides that they rode on multiple times. It would take them up high and then bounce them up and down on their voyage back to the solid ground.

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Emma’s Friend Birthday Party

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Emma had 7 of her friends over for a birthday party. They all dressed up like princesses and princes. They ate pizza, cake, and did some fun little crafts. They all seemed to enjoy themselves.

One of the crafts was to decorate a picture frame.

The knight in shining armor got tired out. I don’t know if it was from fighting off dragons or from fighting off all the princesses.

I got in on a picture with our little princess.

You can’t quite see it, but Kenny was dressed with the theme. He had a shirt on that said “King of Hearts.”

Emma and Breely where told to wait until the other girls where done eating so this is where they waited.

Sleeping Beauty lived in our garage the last few days, but she still looked and tasted good.

One last time to blow out some candles.

Here is everybody that made it to the party. It was a lot of fun.

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Small Group Halloween Preparations

Posted by danaandtammy on Monday Nov 23, 2009 Under Photographs

At the Gorman’s just before Halloween, the children of our small group got to decorate cookies and paint pumpkins. They enjoyed it.

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Nice Day in October

Posted by danaandtammy on Monday Nov 23, 2009 Under Photographs

We didn’t have many nice days in October, but back on the 19th of October Emma went to an apple orchard with some friends. Here she is with her friend Jack.

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A Little Girl’s Mind

Posted by danaandtammy on Wednesday Sep 30, 2009 Under Kid Stories, Photographs, Stories

“Mom, when will I have a baby?”

“When you get older and get married.”

“Who am I going to marry?”

“Well who do you want to marry?”


“Sorry, he is already married to me. How about your friend Jack?” (See picture)


(Jack is a little younger than Emma, but they are good friends since his mom and dad are friends of Emma’s mom and dad)

“Oh no, not Jack……….But what about Georg in China?”

“Do you mean Georg in Germany?”

“Yes, Georg in Germany” (See picture)


(As you can see there is a bit of an age difference. Georg stayed with Dana’s family back in the late 90s for one school year as an exchange student. We have visited him in Germany a couple of times and he was so good to Emma. He would make a good husband.)

“When you do have a baby, daddy and I will be a grandpa and a grandma and you will live with your husband.”

“I will miss you and daddy when you are a grandma and grandpa. I will miss you so much.”

At this time real tears came and the conversation was over. At 3.5 years she is already thinking ahead to the future.

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