Easter Egg Coloring

Posted by danaandtammy on Sunday Mar 28, 2010 Under Holidays, Kid Pictures, Photographs

Last year we colored eggs up at Dayle and Jeannine’s house. We did the same this year also.

After a little soak, it was time to get the eggs out.

Most of the time the eggs made it out just fine, but that yellow one is just about to hit the table after flipping off of the egg holder. It did crack a little.

Emma is using a candle to put some wax on the egg. Where ever you put wax stays white.

This is one that had some wax on it.

Kenny didn’t do any egg coloring, but he did eat strawberries.

Here is the line up.

The one in Emma’s hand is the one that got cracked. It still turned out nice though.

Emma and Jeannine really enjoyed the egg coloring.

It was really nice outside so we spent a little time out on the deck after coloring the eggs.

Kenny liked to go in an out of the house through the sliding door.

What a fun day!

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