American Girl Birthday ~ January 11, 2015 ~ Day 11

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Your birthday week celebrations started with lunch at the American Girl Doll Cafe in Mall of America.

After lunch the birthday crew hit the ropes course and zip line in the mall.

And the final stop before home was jumping fun at Sky Zone.

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New Years Day ~ January 1, 2015 ~ Day 1

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For the last few years our New Years Day tradition has been to go to the Mall of America in Minneapolis. American Girl always has extra special activities and giveaways in celebration of their new doll of the year.  You couldn’t be more thrilled with this year’s – Grace Thomas – who loves Paris and baking.  Two of your favorite things!

This doll bakery is amazing!  I love that you have started saving.

They even had cookie decorating and little luggage tags for the kids and dolls.

Today you used your Christmas money to get Grace and are “trying” to wait patiently for your birthday so you get some of her accessories.

The rest of the day you both enjoyed the rides even with the long lines.

~Just for fun~

-Your love for Paris started at age 4 after our fun mother and daughter trip to Germany and France in 2010.


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Monday ~ February 3, 2014 ~ Day 34

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Today we picked up Emma and Kenny early from school and headed to Mall of America to celebrate Levi H.’s birthday and to say goodbye to his sweet family who are leaving to go back to China.  We met them in China back in March of 2007 and have had such a special bond ever since.  Check out some of the cutest pictures of their daughter Abby and Emma growing up over the last few years.  I guess I went a little overboard with all the pictures!

This is Emma and Abby H. at the Beijing Zoo in China March 2007.  Abby had just turned 2 and Emma had just turned 1.  What cuties!

Abby and Emma at our house in May 2007 (Age 2 and 1 respectively)

Abby (2) and Emma (1) in Minnesota ~ November 2007


Emma’s 2nd Birthday Jan. 13, 2008 – Abby 3

Abby (4 1/2) and Emma (3 1/2) ~ Our house ~ August 2009

In March of 2011 Emma and I took a girls trip to visit them in China.

Emma age 5 ~ Abby age 6

The Great Wall of China

The Beijing Zoo

The next 13 photos are from the H.’s summer in Minnesota in 2011.  Abby was 6 1/2 and Emma was 5 1/2.

Here they are at the Mall of America in September 2013.

Abby’s 9th Birthday ~ December 2013

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Spring Break Trip to the Mall of America

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This year we decided not to go any where far away for spring break. It wasn’t that long ago that we went to Disneyland. We did want to do a few fun things, so the first thing was to take Emma and cousin Landry to the Mall of America. Every Tuesday of the year is Toddler Tuesday. The two girls had lots of fun. We are sure that Kenny had fun too back in Eau Claire with Mama and Papa Swany.

After going on the ghost shooting ride, we went over to the Merry-go-Round.

Emma and Landry went on the bouncy drop ride.

Daddy got to ride on the Diego Safari Bus.

The Blues Clues ride wasn’t very exciting, but they still liked it.

They both liked the truck driving ride, but Landry really liked it.

Landry even wanted to go on it again by herself. Maybe truck driving is in Landry’s future.

A recent addition to the Mall of America is their butterfly house.

Only daddy held a butterfly though. One landed on Emma and it freaked her out a little bit.

We ended the day at the Underwater Adventure part of the Mall of America. The girls really enjoyed looking at all the fish and the turtles. We were on constant look out for the next type of fish though.


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