First seizure at school ~ January 8, 2015 ~ Day 8

Posted by danaandtammy on Thursday Jan 8, 2015 Under Daily Life, Kenny's Health, Kid Pictures

The dreaded call came from school today.  You had your first seizure at school.  They called 911 and Dad and I drove as quickly as we could in the snow storm to school. Because you were awake and talking when I got there the paramedics said we could bring you to the hospital.  Since it was such a little seizure I’m not sure why we went to ER other than that is what the EMT recommended we do.  Up until a month ago you only have had seizures when you are sleeping so today was your second daytime seizure.  We had the most amazing and caring ER doctor (Dr. Cook)!  He didn’t do any special tests but probably talked to us for over 30 minutes! I never would have imagined that an ER doctor would be so knowledgeable on pediatric neurology.  I wish he was our neurologist!  You were so brave through all of it!


Here we are leaving the hospital.

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