Tuesday ~ February 18, 2014 ~ Day 49

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~Haircut time~

I absolutely love Cheryl from the Garage Salon in Chippewa.  If you need a stylist you should check her out.

Putting together my new shelf from Ikea.

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Saturday ~ February 15, 2014 ~ Day 46

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~Early morning snuggles ~

Dana and I spent the day in Minneapolis.  The first stop was to photograph a past wedding clients new baby.

Here is a behind the scenes snapshot ~ Dana testing the light .

What a gorgeous family! Congratulations from all of us!

Their 12-12-12 wedding in the Bahamas will always be one of my most favorite weddings that we have photographed.

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Paris-Eiffel Tower and Disneyland Paris

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We got up early on Monday, took the train to Paris, saw the Eiffel Tower and spent some time at Disneyland Paris, and came back on Tuesday night. It was a whirlwind trip, but full of great memories.

Though the trains go fast, the ride from Frankfurt to Paris still takes about 4 hours.

First stop, the Eiffel Tower.

Very excited to make it to Disneyland Paris.

Day 2 at Disneyland Paris.

Emma had so much fun running around waiting for her turn to see Minnie.

Then tradgedy struck. She fell and scrapped her knee. The only good thing was that she got a little longer turn with Minnie.

Seeing Princess Mulan was a highlight as Emma hadn’t met her before.

The next day we flew home. What a special trip with my little girl.


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Lot’s of the trip worked out so amazingly. We didn’t plan ahead, but here we are in Munich during the first days of the 200th anniversary Oktoberfest.

Getting ready for the opening day parade.

It was a little hard to see, but still lots of fun.

Decorated cookies seem to be part of the Oktoberfest tradition.

“You are sweet”

Lots of carnival rides at Oktoberfest. Emma is in the second row.

Emma didn’t want to leave and she didn’t want to get a picture with Georg.

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Neuschwanstein is probably the most famous castle in the world. Emma’s interest in princesses made the visit all the more fun.

Emma had actually been up this hill before in her mom’s tummy. Here her good friend Georg is giving her a much more scenic ride up the hill.


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Germany-The Aschaffenburg Castles

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Another day trip took us to Aschaffenburg to see its palaces.


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Germany-Time with Dear Friends

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Thomas and Maria and their family are dear friends of ours. Thomas was a foreign exchange student with Dana’s family back in the 90s. They are some of the most hospitable and caring people that we know. Thanks for opening your house to us.

On Opel Zoo just outside of Frankfurt was the first adventure of the trip.

Waiting for the bus.

Riding on the U-bahn (metro train) in Frankfurt.

Emma loved using public transportation.

Emma and Lenny didn’t speak the same language, but they still enjoyed there time together.

The weather was good for playing outside.

Family picture time!

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Emma’s First Day of Preschool

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Emma is back in preschool for another year. She is at a new school, and had a great first day.

Her teacher, Mrs. Lien.

Right after the pictures they both felt the need to work on my bike.

Emma still has her good clothes on, but they got the bike all tuned up for me.

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Minnesota State Fair 2010

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We spend another day this year at the Minnesota State Fair. This year mom and dad both spent the day with Emma and Landry. The weather was great and we found parking close by. What else can you ask for?

The rides started with a green bug that spun around.

Swings were next where Emma was just tall enough (good thing she had shoes on).

Both Emma and Landry got airborne on this slide.

Both girls ended up going on one ride by themselves as the result of not coming to a consensus.

Check out last year’s picture (very end of the post). This year the girls were a little more energetic; (bringing a double stroller sure helps).

Here the girls are spin painting.  Definitely worth the money!

We visited Uncle Dayle at his booth. He was there almost every day of the fair.

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Trip to Duluth

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Aunt Jeannine and Uncle Dayle invited the Swanstrom family on a little trip to Duluth, MN. We had lots of fun and saw some really big boats.

Kenny decided to empty out the pretzels.

We ate at Grandma’s the last night and it got a little late.


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Road Trip Day 5–Blackberry Picking

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We had a busy day today, so there will actually be three posts. We started the day at Sorghum Mill Christmas Tree and Blackberry Farm and picked some blackberries. The nice lady that we met at the mall yesterday told us about the place. It was fun and the owners of the farm said that they had a bumper crop of blackberries so it wasn’t too hard for us to pick a pint. A lot of the pictures do show red berries, but those were just blackberries that weren’t ripe yet. The berries were big and juicy. Our pint didn’t last long.

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Road Trip Day 2–St. Louis and Driving

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Our second day of our trip involved visiting our dear friends the Ongs. They visited us just before Christmas, but we wanted to visit them in St. Louis before they left to go back to Singapore. While in St. Louis we also wanted to do a little sightseeing. We, along with Grace Ong, made a quick visit to Grant’s Farm where the highlight was feeding goats from bottles. We also saw the Budweiser Clydesdales, parrots, giant tortoises, and quite a few species of deer. It was a lot of fun.

After Grant’s Farm, we went downtown to the St. Louis Gateway Arch. I didn’t mention yet that it was hot (mid 90s and humid). Well the Arch was so busy that we stood in line outside in the sun for almost a half hour just to get into the visitor center. Once inside we found out that it would be another 2 hours to get onto the elevator to the top of the arch. Needless to say, with too little kids and an 8 hour drive left, we didn’t go up the arch this time. We hope to be back someday and we will buy our tickets for the elevator in advance.

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Chippewa Valley Renaissance Faire 2010

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After going to church last night, we headed to the local Renaissance Faire. We didn’t stay too long, but the weather was great and we had a lot of fun.

Tammy started the day with a free archery lesson. She only fired one arrow and she actually hit the pile of hay bails on which the target was attached.

Kenny didn’t eat enough iron for breakfast.

Emma started with the cup of corn for the goats, but she did give Kenny a turn before the corn was all gone.

Kenny did a little feeding.

Even when the corn was all gone he still tried to do some feeding.

Kenny moved on to try to give the goats some water. He was quite confused though, he would dunk the little flower pot into the water and within two steps of leaving the bucket the water in the pot would be all gone.

Kenny is hoping to give some of the imaginary water to this “woof-woof.”

The had a few rides and one was a lot like the swings at a regular fair, but the seats were a little more relaxed and the whole thing was operated by two men turning a big crank to get the thing to go around.

Kenny and mom didn’t get to go for a ride, but they did try out the seats.

Emma still likes princesses, but we had to pretty much force her to put on this princess dress (the face tells that story). She has been anti dress lately.

We got to take in a little jousting. This show was just a preliminary joust involving cabbages and rings. Later in the day would be the “joust to the death.”

Petting the horses was a treat.

Emma soon forgot that she had the dress on and enjoyed herself again. Kenny was wearing a pirate costume that we got at a garage sale.

One last ride. Another spinning ride that was all, in this case, women powered.

We ended the day with an elephant ride. This was a little bit of a surprise. Yes, the elephants themselves were a surprise, but the bigger surprise was that when we sent our little girl to ride the elephant without either of us, we assumed that one of the workers would be riding with her. Nope. Our little four year old was all by herself.

After wards, Emma said she didn’t want to say anything while on the elephant, but she did get a little scared when she thought the elephant was going to tip over (not just her, but the whole elephant). Just a little scared though.

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Water Fun with Cousin Norah

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Cousin Norah has been visiting for a few days. It has been pretty warm so water fun as been quite common.

Our indoor waterpark was the first water stop.

Norah enjoyed the water.

She also looked pretty cute in a swimsuit that Emma wore.

Kenny and Norah tried to play with the water without letting it spray them in their faces.

Emma is pretting daring at our homemade waterpark in our back yard.

The water wasn’t very warm.

Kenny and Norah just hung out. They didn’t try the slide.

After lots of fun outside the kids did need a bath.

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Mother’s Day

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The Swanstrom’s celebrated Mother’s Day up on Lake Wissota. It was a beautiful day outside and we all had a lot of fun. Tammy was recovering from a cold, so she wasn’t feeling the best, but she still was blessed to spend the time with her great kids.

Kenny did not want to just sit for a picture. He wanted to play. For anyone who has held a toddler who doesn’t want to sit, Kenny is just starting the move used by any child–straighten those legs and arch the back and then just slip out of the lap.

Here Kenny is just trying to crawl away. Emma is also interested in doing something else than take pictures and she is letting us know oh so subtly.

This was the best of the three of them. Two smiles out of three isn’t bad.

Don’t know the problem with the little one in the middle, but once again two smiles out of three isn’t bad.

The shirt that Tammy is wearing was painted by Emma for Mother’s Day. It turned out very nice.

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