Kenny and his friend Ty Gorman

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We took this a few days after Valentine’s day. Kenny had his friend Ty Gorman over and the boys cooperated for a picture.

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Kenny eats his first rice cereal

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In this picture Kenny is getting ready to eat his first few spoons of rice cereal.


He looks pretty happy doesn’t he?

Well, this was his reaction…


Since then he has reacted a little better, but he still enjoys his mom’s milk the best. We have also decided that we will wait a little bit longer before rice cereal becomes a regular part of his diet.

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Kenny is 4 Months Old

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Kenny turned 4 months today. Here he is in front of his colorful pillows.

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Emma loves to jump. Kenny likes to watch. Mom wasn’t here to watch or this jump probably would not have occurred.

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Kenny’s Valentine’s Day Photo

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Here we see Kenny and his Valentine’s Day Picture. He has been so smilely lately. It has been fun to take his picture.

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Emma on Valentine’s Day

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This is Emma not wearing a shirt for her Valentine’s Day picture. You can see her nice tatoo on her stomach.

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