Another Photoshoot with a Cousin

Posted by danaandtammy on Sunday May 31, 2009 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

Cousin Norah Hermerding along with her parents are here in Eau Claire for a visit before they move to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We didn’t know if this photo shoot would happen as Kenny and Norah seem to be on opposite sleep/wake schedules. It did happen and here are two of our favorites.

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Kenny got Watered

Posted by danaandtammy on Saturday May 30, 2009 Under Kid Pictures, Kid Stories, Photographs

Kenny was off playing kind of by himself in the living room, when Emma asked Tammy if she could give Kenny a drink of water from the sippy cup. Tammy said sure. Emma decided that she should water him like a plant.  If you look carefully on the first picture you can see that his whole entire back is wet. The second picture kind of shows how his hair also got wet, but we really just included it because he looks so cute.

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Posted by danaandtammy on Friday May 29, 2009 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

Emma has been in gymnastics for over a year now. Here are a few pictures of her doing some moves. The last picture is from the end of the class award ceremony. Emma was one of the girls that got a certificate (ok everyone got a certificate).

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The Princesses

Posted by danaandtammy on Sunday May 24, 2009 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

Those people at Disney sure know a little girl’s heart. They definately over market Princesses, but in a sense it is neat to see our little Emma become interested in Princesses. I don’t really think it has to do with the beauty and glamour. I think that little girls and older ones like to be pursued and loved. And the stories of the pricesses do illustrate good traits (fruits of the spirit for those who are familiar). Who knows how long this phase will last, but it has been fun.

This is Princess Emma and Princess Landry. Though Emma doesn’t really like taking pictures, she will do anything that her older cousin Landry does. So since Landry was up for posing, Emma was too. They also just spun and jumped around an Tammy just snapped away.

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Kenny Turns 7 Months

Posted by danaandtammy on Sunday May 24, 2009 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

It is Kenny’s 7 month birthday today so we got him looking good (we even used some hair product) and took some pictures. (For those that don’t know we have a frame that has a spot for each month in his first year). If you look closely in the background you will see the rose bush that the Ternbergs (cousins) gave Kenny to celebrate his dedication. Emma also received a rose bush from the Ternbergs for her dedication.

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Double Stroller

Posted by danaandtammy on Sunday May 24, 2009 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

Over the winter we used some gift cards to buy this Contours Tandem Stroller. We are finally getting some use out of the stoller now that it is warm outside.

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Teeth and a Trick

Posted by danaandtammy on Sunday May 24, 2009 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

Kenny has had some teeth for over a month now, but we haven’t shown them off yet. Kenny and I (Dana) were eating out on the back deck when I pulled out the camera.

This second picture is showing off a little trick Kenny did when he dropped his spoon. He decided to catch it with his foot (his left one none the less). He held it there long enough for me to pick up the camera again and take five or six pictures.

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Day at the Hospital

Posted by danaandtammy on Monday May 11, 2009 Under Kenny's Health

It was another interesting day with Kenny and it did involve about 7 hours at the hospital. We are home now, he is relatively happy, and has a temp of 98.6. So things are good.

What did happen was a temp yesterday and then again today (as high as 104.1). We had a scheduled appointment with our doctor. The first concern was his left testical. He was born with extra fluid in his scrotum, which is called a hydrocele. There was extra swelling today and the concern was that one of the blood vessels might have gotten pinched off. Kenny was scheduled for an emergency ultrasound, but thankfully nothing additional was found wrong and that it probably was all of his crying that forced more fluid into the scrotum.

So with that not the problem we went to the lab where they had to take blood via a vein. Both of our children have Tammy’s small veins and Kenny was a little dehydtrated so getting the blood was not very easy. It officially only took one poke, but quite a lot of “digging” around before the lab tech finally hit the mark. (Emma once had this done as an infant and it took four lab techs and I think 5 pokes to finally get blood). They also needed to collect urine and since Kenny has yet to master peeing on demand, they had to stick in a catheter to collect the urine. Let’s just say his private parts just need a few days to recover after all they went through today.

Back to the doctors office to wait as the results slowly came in. Blood count–white blood cells slightly elevated.  Urine sample–no urinary tract infection.  Kenny crying and moaning for 3 hours and wouldn’t eat.  With all this info and no cause of the fever and the ovious pain, the doctor decides to do a spinal tap to rule out menengitis. Spinal tap takes two pokes but finally gets a good sample. More waiting for results, but as we wait Kenny eats and actually starts to get happy.

Trying to make a long story short. There are two criteria for bacterial menengitis–elevated glucose and proteins in the spinal fluid and elevated white blood cells in the spinal fluid. Kenny has the elevated white blood cells, but not the elevated glucose and proteins. As a result the doctor thinks that he probably has a mild case of viral menengitis (not nearly as dangerous as bacterial menengitis). As a precaution Kenny was given two injections of antibiotics in the small case that it is bacterial menengitis. We are home and Kenny continues to be in pretty good spirits and like I mentioned his temperature is normal. We go back to the doctor tomorrow to make sure everything still looks good. But for now we will be Praising God that will all the bad things that could have been wrong, we have a son that seems to be getting better.

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Fun with Leeches

Posted by danaandtammy on Monday May 4, 2009 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

It was the first weekend for fishing here in Wisconsin. Papa Swany took Emma fishing off of the dock at the Maloney’s house. Emma didn’t pay much attention to the fishing. Instead she spent the time playing with one of her favorite animals–leeches. The following pictures are from last summer, but Emma was just as in love with the leeches yesterday as she was last year.

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