Father’s Day

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For Father’s Day, we decided to go to Lake Altoona Beach, which is only about 5 minutes from our house. As you can see we had fun at the beach and at the park. It was a great Father’s Day.

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Circus Circus

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If you look closely at the background in the first picture you can see a man on a trapeeze. You don’t see that often, unless you happen to be at the…circus.

Emma and her cousin Landry were very cooperative in a very stressful atmosphere. We got to the circus just as it was starting and the stands were packed. We thankfully found some seats. Here they are cheering on the high wire motorcycle act.

Kenny also did some cheering and some flirting with a high school girl sitting behind us.

We end here with another hug shot of the two girls. We did leave a little early from the circus as the girls wanted to play in the park before it got dark, but overall we had a fun time at the circus.

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Wearing something that Papa Fish Wore

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Grandma Fish (Carolyn) had an outfit of Grandpa Fish’s that she let us borrow for some pictures. Back when Emma was 9.5 months (October of 2006) she wore the outfit. It fit her pretty well.

Kenny at almost 8 months had a much tighter fit. We even needed to snip a few stitches of thread to get it over his head.

Here is one with the original owner of the outfit. He did not try in on again. 🙂

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Kenny and Emma Swimming

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It has actually been pretty hot and humid here in Wisconsin. As a result Kenny and Emma have been out in the pool some. Kenny will soon be replacing his yellow Eskimo Joe’s onesie for an official swim/surfing t-shirt. Emma was trying out new hairdo, but wasn’t much into smiling for the camera.

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Our little Audrey Hepburn

Posted by danaandtammy on Saturday Jun 20, 2009 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

Tammy and I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s somewhat recently and when when Emma draped a scarf around her head like so, she made me think of the many stylish women of the ’60s such as Audrey Hepburn (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis also came to mind). The band aid on the forehead just added to the glamour.

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Take me out to the ball game

Posted by danaandtammy on Saturday Jun 13, 2009 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

As promised, here are some pictures from the actual game. The first one is a nice one of Carter hitting the ball.

Here is Carter fielding the ball at second base. He “scooped and fired” to first base and got the runner out. He did a great job following the ball right into his glove and made a great play.

Carter was still playing second, when the short stop fielded a grounder. Instead of a throw, there ended up being a hand off to get the runner at second.

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Quite the bump

Posted by danaandtammy on Friday Jun 12, 2009 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

The Swanstrom family attended cousin Carter Ternberg’s baseball game this evening. I will try to post a couple action shots from the game. These shots though are of Emma’s injury. She was having lots of fun playing with cousin Landry when she tripped and bonked her head on the corning of a fold up chair. She bonked her head one other time like this a year ago and she swelled up significantly, but this was even bigger. She is doing fine now. Within 10 minutes she was back playing and this evening most of the swelling was gone. She also bruises easily, so we will have to see how it looks tomorrow.

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