10 Months Later

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Here are just two pictures of Kenny. The first one is from October 29, 2008, when Kenny was 5 days old. The second one is from August 26, 2009, now 10 months old. He is in the same basket. He is also in the same outfit, as we were able to buy a bigger size of the same style. We didn’t plan the best so his head is facing a different way, but you can still tell that he’s grown.

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The Minnesota State Fair

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I (Dana) woke up yesterday morning and got the idea to bring Emma and her cousin Landry to the Minnesota State Fair. It was a pretty big idea as they are 3.5 and 4.5 years old respectively, the fair is humongous, and just to get there is an almost 2 hour drive. We decided to do it though and it was lots of the fun. Both Emma and Landry did a great job (I had to carry both of them at times because of all the walking), but never the less they were troopers and had lots of fun and then slept on the drive home.

Our first ride was on a Ferris Wheel. I was a little worried because it went very high, but neither of them seemed to be afraid of heights.

It didn’t take long to get thirsty so we all shared a fresh squeezed $5 glass of lemonade. (Got to love those “fair” prices).

Next we were off to a little fun house. It had to levels and the bottom was a glass and mirror walled maze. Both Emma and Landry bonked their heads on the glass before making it through.

Another picture of the two of them. They were very cooperative for the camera.

After a lot of walking we made it to the “Kidway” where there are just kiddie rides. This is the Spinning Balloon Ride.

We took in a Merry-go-Round. Emma rode on a “rein-goat”. (Emma is sitting next to me as I write this and used that term). Now she just said, “Actually, it had those things sticking from its head. It was a deer.”

Landry had a regular horse.

They both like slides, so though not the best “value” in my mind as again the ride lasted 5 seconds, they sure thought it was worth it.

After the rides we visited some of the animal exhibits. Here we are in the sheep barn and they are doing some sheep crafts. No gluing cotton balls on these sheep. That is raw wool that they are using–complete with dirt and sawdust and who knows what else. I just decided not to look to close and the girls sure didn’t care.

Last one. Though we had tons of fun, we also had times like this of pure exhaustion. Again though, the girls did great.

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Farmer Kenny for His 10 Month Picture

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As some of you know, we take a special picture of Kenny each month. Today Kenny turned 10 months so we borrowed his cousin’s tractor and headed into the country. We got a lot of good ones so this post will be a little long.

We decided that Kenny should show off is muscles so he went shirtless.

The hat in the next couple pictures was Great Grandpa Kenny Swanstrom’s hat.

Kenny was so proud of the piece of grass that we gave him to hold.

Thoughfully examining his piece of grass.

This picture is a little odd, but it is the beginning of the first of two falls. He saw something interesting in the sand, leaned down, fell, and his head bonked the front tire. Tammy was right there, but it happenened so quickly. The next picture shows the reaction and how dirty his pants got.

We brushed him off and even took all the pictures of him in the hat afterwards. We had one more fall that could have been worse, but Tammy was able to grab him just as his head was hitting the ground

So after all the pictures and the falls, he still was smiling even though he had a little dirt on this face.

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The Mosquitoes Have Been Pretty Bad

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The mosquitoes have been really bad here in Wisconsin after a lot of rain. And when there has been a lot of talk about mosquitoes around the house, things like this come out of three year old mouths… In response to Tammy spilling some spaghetti sauce on her shirt Emma said, “I can’t see the ‘mosghetti’ bite on your shirt.”

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All Done up as Snow White

Posted by danaandtammy on Sunday Aug 23, 2009 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

Sleeping beauty is probably still her favorite, but we were able to find a Snow White outfit at our local Good Will. We slowly added some accessories to get to this…our Snow White.

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New Car

Posted by danaandtammy on Thursday Aug 20, 2009 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

The Swanstrom family recently got a new (used) station wagon, and this one has a rear facing back seat. Before minivans, our family had a station wagon and as a kid we usually wanted to sit in the very back and now the same is true for Emma. (For those of you who are worried we do use car seats. The kids where just playing in the new car.)

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Kid’s Night At Owen Park

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Every year there is a little festival at one of our local parks. The police and fire department are there, as well as local businesses. Kenny, Emma, and Landry attended this year and fully enjoyed themselves.

Kenny enjoying a graham cracker.

Emma and Landry made noodle necklaces at the Noodles & Company booth. Emma’s favorite restaurant is Noodles & Co. so we had to stop by their booth.

The girls enjoyed the inflatable slide even though there was a five minute wait for every 4 second ride.

Neither girl made contact with the target so no dunking occurred. Part of Emma’s problem was that she is a lefty, but they had her throw righty.

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Swanstrom Family Get Together

Posted by danaandtammy on Friday Aug 14, 2009 Under Photographs

The Swanstrom Extended family got together on July 25 and all but two of us could make it (my sister Tessa’s husband Ryan and my cousin Kristin’s husband Jason). It was a fun day of sitting around talking and eating. The plan is to do it every summer from now on.

This picture is of just the Swanstrom children. So from right to left Gary, Gloria, Diane, and my dad Dallas.

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Kenny and his Mom

Posted by danaandtammy on Friday Aug 14, 2009 Under Photographs

Tammy’s parents now have a house in Redwing, MN and though they still haven’t moved there full time, we have been able to spend some time there. These two pictures are from their front yard which is basically a field of wildflowers.

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Cousin Carter the Bat Boy

Posted by danaandtammy on Friday Aug 14, 2009 Under Photographs

Emma and Kenny’s cousin Carter was the bat boy for our local baseball team. He worked along a good friend of his and he said that it was a lot of fun.

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Emma took a Dance Class

Posted by danaandtammy on Friday Aug 14, 2009 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

Just one quick photo from Emma’s summer dance class. Emma enjoyed the class and might take another one this fall.

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Kenny’s 9 Month Picture

Posted by danaandtammy on Friday Aug 14, 2009 Under Photographs

We are quite a bit behind in blogging. It has almost been a month, but here are some of Kenny’s 9 month pictures. The first one is the “official” one that is in his frame.

The second was from the same day and I’ve titled it “Thoughtfully looking to the future with a little piece of grass on the chin.”

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Visit from Some Friends

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Some friends of ours who live in East Asia have been the States for the last few months. We were honored to have them stay with us a few days. They have a 4 year old daughter Abby and a soon to be two year old named Hudson. Emma had lots of fun with the two of them.

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Waterpark Fun

Posted by danaandtammy on Saturday Aug 1, 2009 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs, Video

We spent the last two days in Minnesota at an indoor waterpark. Here are a few pictures from our trip.

Here is also a video of some of our fun. If this doesn’t work on Facebook you can check it out at here.

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