Our Sick Boy

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Kenny had a fever of 104 yesterday, but then this morning he seemed to be doing a lot better. After his afternoon nap his fever was back up to 103.8. We decided to go into Urgent Care to get him checked over. The doctor could see that his throat was quite red and with white “junk.” He hoped that it would be strep throat so we could get him some antibiotics and be done with it. The strep test came back negative though. We left urgent care just with the explanation that it was a case of viral tonsillitis. After his afternoon nap his fever was back up and this time 104.9, so we called the on call pediatrician. Her diagnosis over the phone is that Kenny most likely has mono. High fever and sore throat with white secretions are pretty telling when it comes to mono. So the plan is just to keep him as comfortable as possible with ibuprofen and if anything changes to go back to the doctor.

Right before bed Kenny was actually doing a little bit better after a fresh dose of ibuprofen. He let us put a baby wipe on his forehead to help him keep cool.

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Toddler Tuesday at the Mall of America

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America’s largest mall is only 100 miles away and every Tuesday they have discounts for little kids and their parents. Emma, Tammy, Jack, and Leslie made the trip and everyone agreed that it was a very fun day and that they hoped to do it again sometime soon.

Emma and Jack started the day on the Merry-Go-Round.

There were few of the rides that Emma and Jack could go on by themselves.

On the other rides Tammy and Leslie were able to join the young ones.

Emma enjoyed the hot air balloon ride.

The whole time she was in awe of the ups and downs and all the things you could see.

They had a little roller coaster type ride. It didn’t go upside down, but it was still pretty fun.

Emma maybe found her profession…truck driving.

To make it even more realistic she picked up a hitch hicker along her route.

Then again, after watching her drive bumper cars, truck driving might not be the safest career.

This was one of the rides that they rode on multiple times. It would take them up high and then bounce them up and down on their voyage back to the solid ground.

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Great-Grandmother Clothes

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Every year around Emma’s birthday, we dress her up in a swimsuit that was her Great-Grandmother Howard’s and the wedding dress of her Great-Grandmother Miller’s. We’ve included in this post all her previous pictures as well as the two new ones. So from age 1 to 4, here they are.

January 13, 2007

January 13, 2007

January 15, 2008

January 15, 2008

January 13, 2009

January 13, 2009

January 17, 2010

January 17, 2010

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Emma’s Friend Birthday Party

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Emma had 7 of her friends over for a birthday party. They all dressed up like princesses and princes. They ate pizza, cake, and did some fun little crafts. They all seemed to enjoy themselves.

One of the crafts was to decorate a picture frame.

The knight in shining armor got tired out. I don’t know if it was from fighting off dragons or from fighting off all the princesses.

I got in on a picture with our little princess.

You can’t quite see it, but Kenny was dressed with the theme. He had a shirt on that said “King of Hearts.”

Emma and Breely where told to wait until the other girls where done eating so this is where they waited.

Sleeping Beauty lived in our garage the last few days, but she still looked and tasted good.

One last time to blow out some candles.

Here is everybody that made it to the party. It was a lot of fun.

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Birthday Activies

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Emma had an action packed birthday. We wanted to fill it with memories that she could look back on.

The first event of the day was going to the Children’s Museum with Emma’s good friend Ava. Papa Fish came along to for the fun.

Eau Claire has a great children’s museum with lots of neat and realistic activities.

These two ladies did a nice job painting their tractors.

After the museum they went to Emma’s favorite place to eat…Noodles and Company.

This might be controversial, but Emma did get her ears pierced on her birthday.

As you can tell there was a little discomfort, but she didn’t cry at all.

If you look really close you can see the pink little flowers in her ears.

I mentioned in the last post that the day was action packed. When I got home from school I took Emma and Landry sledding. The weather here in Eau Claire finally got a bit warmer (upper 20s) so being outside was an option.

Mom had the camera and we had to make a couple stops in some places where the light was good.

We had a lot of fun sledding and we would have stayed later, but we had to get home for the big party.

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Official Birthday Celebrations

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We woke up to some birthday celebrations and we ended the day with more celebrations. The rest of the day was also action packed, but that will be in the next post.

This was taken at 7:03 am. The kids are usually up by 7:00 so they were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Princess stuff. All this girl wants is princess stuff.

She did get some non-princess stuff that she enjoys. She has a kitchen in her play area so the mixer will help her make her favorite dish…porridge. She also got some books and some mittens.

Here evening party was with family. Grandma Swany once again provided the cake decorating for the event.

It is a Swanstrom tradition to have some sort of princess cake. I even vaguely remember my older sister having a cake something like what Emma has here.

Emma and Kenny both got birthday candles from Grandma and Grandpa Fish.

The two cousins had lots of fun playing together at the party.

Kenny found the princess coloring book something worth pointing at.

Probably the highlight of the evening…7 princess dolls. All seven of them ended up sleeping with Emma in Emma’s bed.

Besides porridge, Emma does like to bake, so a birthday cake will be a nice addition to her kitchen.

Landry, Emma and Carter really play well together. It is such a blessing to live so close to them.

Getting ready to blow out the candles.

And the official blowing of the candles. She did have two boyfriends when it was all said and done.

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Emma’s 4th Birthday

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Emma turned 4 today. It is really hard to believe. She has really turned into a beautiful young lady. We will have more pictures and stories of the day, but for now here is the invitation that was sent for her party.

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Birthday Treats for Preschool

Posted by danaandtammy on Tuesday Jan 12, 2010 Under Birthdays, Kid Pictures, Photographs, Special Events

Emma had been looking forward to bringing princess cup cakes to preschool for a long time. When the day finally arrived, she was all smiles.

If you ask her, Emma remembers which princess each of her classmates got. Emma wanted Ariel, but got Sleeping Beauty. She didn’t fuss though because there is a rule at Preschool…”You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.”

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Packer Fan

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The Packers had a good year of football even though we lost in the playoffs. Kenny has picked up some Packer garb in his first year of life, so he got it all on for the big game. The jammies were hand me downs from his cousin and his Grandma Fish made the coat.

The game ended on a bad note but Kenny looked good cheering them on.

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The Swanstrom Outfit

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Back when my oldest sister was just little, my parents got some professional pictures taken of her wearing a nice little argyle patterened outfit. I don’t know if there is a story of how they got the outfit, but maybe my parents can tell any stories in the comments. That outfit was then used by me and my younger sister. It has stayed in good shape so it has now been used again.

It is hard to keep Kenny in one place for long, but he sat for a few pictures.

Here Kenny is on his way out, he is ready to get moving again.

All of the Swanstrom Children had the opportunity to wear the outfit. Guess who this is.

Here is another “guess who.”

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