Break at the Beach

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In order to take a little break from Disneyland and to give Kenny a chance to take a nap, Papa Swany drove us down to Dana Point Beach (hmmm, why did we choose that beach?).  We didn’t stay long, but we still had some fun.

It was in the mid-60s, so not balmy, but nice enough to get bare foot.

Kenny thought the sand was a little too strange to walk in. He preferred to be held, but he can say that he touched the Pacific.

Emma enjoyed the beach. She wished that she could have stayed longer.

Skirts do get wet easily, so the skirt was removed for a bit.

The sun was an issue again, but we finally are all looking at the camera.

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Disneyland and Princesses Day 2

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We got to Disneyland when it opened at 8:00am. It was nice not to wait for Pirates of the Caribbean and the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Emma loved the Mountain Railroad which is a pretty speedy roller coaster (here is a video of what it’s like). After 9 am the lines started to get a little longer so we hit the princesses again.

Some morning cuddle time with Kenny.

Though a day had passed, Snow White still remembered Emma from breakfast. Again, she seemed to be the nicest of the princesses.

Emma next was able to meet with Sleeping Beauty again.

The two of them posed nicely for the cameras.

Minnie Princess was a surprise and actually Emma wasn’t that excited to see her. She would have rather have seen Pocahontas.

Later in the afternoon we stood in line one more time to see the princesses. This time with cousin Landry.

Kenny and mom entertained themselves with a water bottle.

Cousin Landry was with us for this trip to the Princess Fantasy Faire.

Cinderella greeted the girls first.

The girls then met with Jasmine.

Sleeping Beauty was the last princess for the day and the trip.

We went on one last ride, Roger Rabbit’s Wild Ride. Kenny didn’t like it too much, but he did like the fountain in the front of the ride.

Kenny liked the fountain and the two girls enjoyed Kenny.

After the ride we got one last picture in front of the castle.  We flew out the next morning. It was a short trip, but one we will never forget.

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Disneyland, Princesses, and Rain

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Our family took a weekend trip to Anaheim California to visit Disneyland. Though it rained the first day that we were at Disneyland, we had lots of fun. We got to see lots of princesses, and the lines where short. An afternoon boat ride on It’s A Small World had a 6 minute wait (the next day was sunny and warm and the wait was close to an hour).

We were a little late for our breakfast reservation at Ariel’s Grotto, but Ariel was still taking pictures with all of her guests. Emma’s smile shows it all. She was so excited to finally meet the princesses.

The next princess Emma met was Cinderella.

Snow White was probably the nicest of the princesses. She really took the time to ask some questions of Emma.

Emma’s not really forthcoming with hugs, but Snow White was able to get one.

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) was impressed by Emma’s dress. Sleeping Beauty is probably Emma’s favorite. The only thing that Emma was disappointed with was that Aurora’s dress didn’t change color from pink to blue.

Belle stopped by for a visit.

We got all of the princesses to autograph Emma’s scrapbook. Kenny was pretty excited too, but it was the food that caught his attention. The breakfast at Ariel’s Grotto was nice, but very expensive. If you want to see princesses, we would recommend the Princess Fantasy Faire located in Disneyland. You have to wait in line, but you’ll save a lot of money and meet the princesses just the same.

Our first official ride of our Disney experience was a Merry-Go-Round in the California Adventure Park.

Kenny enjoying a drink.

It rained on and off all day. The sun would come out and we would get hot and then a dark cloud would bring a cold rain. It wasn’t too bad and it kept the crowds to a minimum.

Emma’s rain coat came in handy and it sure is cute.

Kenny got his diaper changed 150 feet up in the air on Mickey’s Fun Wheel (Ferris Wheel).

It was a little windy and cold 150 feet above the ground.

Kenny didn’t seem to be scared of how high we were.

This might be one of the favorite pictures from the trip.

Family pictures were a challenge. Kenny just had too much to look at besides the camera.

If we got Kenny to look, we had issues with the sun being to bright.

Kenny spent quite a bit of time in the Ergo Carrier. He really liked it even falling asleep once.

After 30 minutes in line, we were about to see the princesses again. As you can see, all the kids in this picture are looking for something to keep them occupied.

At the Princess Fantasy Faire, there are three random princesses that rotate about every 15 minutes. After meeting 5 princesses at breakfast, Emma was hoping that she would get to see Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Tiana. As we rounded the corner to see who she would meet, there was Jasmine.

Belle was next, and though we had already seen her, Emma was not disappointed.

Another autograph.

After Belle, there was Princess Tiana.

Princess Tiana is the newest of the Disney Princesses. She was in the movie, The Princess and The Frog.

We ended the day by going back to the California Adventure Park where we watched a live presentation of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

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Emma’s Preschool Mid-Winter Program

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Emma’s third program for the school year had a nursery rhyme theme. All of the kids in her class have gained confidence performing in front of a crowd.

The class did a rendition of Hickory Dickory Dock. Their head dresses where to make them into little mice.

The also did Mary had a Little Lamb.

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Emma’s New Glasses

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At Emma’s 4 year appointment, it was quite clear during her vision screening that she was having some difficulty seeing well. We hadn’t exactly noticed anything at home except that she likes to sit close to the TV, but we thought that every kid was like that. Last week we went to the eye doctor and found out that Emma has astigmatisms in both eyes which are keeping things pretty blurry for her. After getting a perscription and spending some time looking for frames, these are what she came home with. They are Disney Princess brand, but don’t actually have any princesses on them.

Emma did a nice job wearing them on her first day. She was motivated by a sticker chart, but she wore them straight for about 3 hours. It will take some time for her to get used to them as it will take some time for her mom and dad to get used to them also.

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Valentine’s Day 2010

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Happy Valentine’s Day everybody.

Emma has figured out that if she poses nicely that we can be done with pictures quickly.

Kenny still doesn’t know that pictures aren’t supposed to be fun.

Further proof of what I just said. We’re sure this will change soon though.

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Dance Class

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Emma has been taking ballet dance class this school year. She has really enjoyed it has made some nice friends. Here are just a few shots of her dancing with a purple ribbon.

Kenny usually goes to dance class. He does pretty well, but he does like to get out and walk on the dance floor. He will sometimes do a little hip shaking himself.

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