Fun Night at North High School

Posted by danaandtammy on Friday Apr 30, 2010 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

The Eau Claire Area School District’s 4 Year Old Kindergarten program sponsors and event each year with fun actiivties for kids. Kenny, Emma, and a neighbor friend got sweaty as a result of having so much fun.

Emma got her hand painted.

Our neighbor friend got her face painted.

Kenny didn’t get any painting done.

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Kenny’s Last Night of Nursing

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Kenny turned 1.5 today. We’ve been working towards it this week and with tonights feeding Kenny is officially weened. Since Kenny has no idea it is happening, he seems to be fine with it. Tammy on the other hand is going to miss it. With Kenny weened, Tammy can get back on some of the medication that she has been off of for about 5 years that can help with her fibromyalgia.

Ever since we found out about Kenny’s left hand, nursing has been a time for some massage therapy. Tammy would massage and rotate his left arm and hand. We may never know how much this “therapy” has helped with his development.

Afterwards Kenny was in great spirits (he has no idea that anything is different). He had to pull off his mom’s glasses one more time as that is usually part of the nursing ritual.

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Picture Day at Ballet Class

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Emma is taking ballet this year. It was time for some pictures in their costumes so we let Emma put on a little make-up with the help of mom. Grandma Swany also put some curlers in her hair.

Mom did most of the fine details, but we let Emma do quite a bit of the makeup work.

Almost done.

Just a little more blush.

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Looking Good in Headbands

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Aunt Tara though Kenny needed a headband just like Grandpa Fish. This is the result. Pretty cute.

A little posed shot…

… and an action shot.

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Trip to Redwing

Posted by danaandtammy on Monday Apr 12, 2010 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

Tammy’s parents have been up in Redwing for a while this spring. Since it just takes a little over an hour, the Tammy and the kids drove down to visit Grandma and Grandpa and were able to come back home the same day.

It is nice to see that teeter totters still exist. They just have a lot more safety features than when I was a kid. We got a long board over blacktop and we were lucky to have handles. Now they have seat belts, backrests, and a padded surface underneath.

I don’t even know what this is called, but Emma enjoyed it.

This would not be allowed at the park. A good old fashioned swing with a rope, just more thrilling. To the front a 4 feet drop off, to the rear 8 feet. For the most part Kenny liked it.

He did get a little concerned when Emma got control of the rope.

With the roles reverse things went just fine. Emma was happy and Kenny enjoyed being in control.

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Our Front Yard

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Kenny loves to be outside and if you look closely you can see him in this picture.

Part of this picture’s purpose is to capture our neighborhood and street, but the main reason is that Kenny is a watcher. He has always liked to watch other people. This shot wasn’t set up, he pushed his car out into the yard, then walked a little closer and sat down to watch the neighbor kids play basketball.

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Indoor Sports Fun

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Every spring local business put on an event at the Eau Claire Indoor Sports Center. It was a lot of fun, though Emma did get a rug burn that took her out of the action.

We decided that Kenny shouldn’t go by himself, so daddy got to go too.

Landry went first…head first.

Emma also went head first. Those two do a lot the same.

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Easter Evening

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After all of the festivities the kids still had a little energy to play outside for a bit.

Here were all of Emma’s Easter Projects. Her mom finds some great projects for her to do.

This paper mache egg ended up taking days to complete. There needed to be enough layers so that it would be strong enough for painting. After each layer, it seemed like it still needed more. In the end it turned out nicely.

Tammy was giving Kenny some spins and dips.

A dad is basically required to throw his children into the air when they are young. You can also see Kenny’s new shoes.

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Easter Afternoon

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We celebrated Easter at the Ternberg’s house. It was also Carter’s birthday so we celebrated that too.

Here is a picture of all the kids. This was taken just before the Easter egg hunt.

Kenny found one egg. His cousin Avery did the hiding and set the rules so that they big kids couldn’t take any of the eggs that were easy for Kenny to get.

Kenny quit after his one egg, and did a little posing for the camera.

We couldn’t get the best pose from the two of them, but you can at least see thier Easter outfits.

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Tessa helped us get a family picture.

Landry and Emma had lots of fun.

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Easter Morning

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Easter morning the kids got their Easter baskets and they looked for eggs. It had rained a little the night before so the egg hunt stayed inside.

Laying eyes on the Easter baskets.

Some books and a little bit of candy filled the baskets. The two also found some new chairs for sitting around the campfire.

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Easter Egg Hunting at Carson Park

Posted by danaandtammy on Saturday Apr 3, 2010 Under Holidays, Kid Pictures, Kid Stories, Photographs, Special Events, Stories

The Boy and Girl Scouts of Eau Claire put on a really nice Easter Egg Hunt for the community. It was a lot of fun.

Kenny did a nice job waiting for the hunt to start. The coloroful eggs were tempting.

Kenny and I set the goal of getting one egg. I placed him in front of a blue one. He just stood there for a moment mesmorized by all of the other kids running around. Finally he reached down to pick it up.

Next was getting the egg into the basket. It looks like he is on his way, but what actaully happened right after I took this shot was that Kenny saw another little boy put an egg into the grocery bag held by this little boy’s mom. Kenny decided that must be the thing to do, so we walked over and with out the mom seeing he put his blue egg in the the bag. The mom did end up noticing and gave the egg back to Kenny and he got it into his basket.

After getting his one egg we went to the egg trading post where eggs were traded for a bag of candy.

If you look really close you can see his bag of jelly beans. Kenny really likes jelly beans.

The hunt was divided up into age groups so Emma and Landry went with Tammy to the 3-5 year old area. The compitition was stiff, but with a little sharing, both girls ended up with 4 eggs.

They too traded in their eggs for candy.

They both like jelly beans also.

Besides just the egg hunt, there were some inflatable jumping areas and one had a slide.

The girls loved the slide and had to do it twice.

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The Easter Bunny

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We waited in the short line at our local mall so Emma and Kenny could meet the Easter Bunny. Emma was so excited and Kenny was too.

No crying or fussing from either of our kids. And we did get some nice smiles.

Kenny did have to check out the bunny every once and a while.

Emma even gave out a hug to the big bunny.

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