Rollie’s Farm

Posted by danaandtammy on Saturday Jul 24, 2010 Under Kid Pictures, Photographs

We have a family friend who lives on a farm near Mondovi. His name is Rollie and he has graciously allowed us to take a bunch of pictures at his place. Our kids come along some of the time, so we took the opportunity to get a few of them at Rollie’s farm.

The barn at Rollie’s is a nice back drop and there are flowers everywhere to add some color.

There are flowers, neat old buildings, and even a pear tree as you can see from the pear in Kenny’s hand.

Kenny and Emma love going out to the farm and just run around. It was tough to get them to stand still because there is so much to explore.

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Typical Quick Stop at Grandma and Papa Swany’s House

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Grandma and Papa Swany live less than a half a mile from our house and we drive by it whenever we go home. Almost every trip past Kenny asks to stop (he says “Papa, Papa”). We make some stops, not always, but this would be a pretty typical one.

Start with some Oreo Cookies. Kenny always eats them at the coffee table sitting on the watermelon stool that he carries from accross the room.

Pick and eat some blueberries. He knows not to pick the green ones.

Keep on picking. Keep on eating.

All done with the blueberries, onto something new.

Papa Swany finds a toad.

Kenny is interested in animals and has been pretty gentle with them…so far.

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Vacation Bible School

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Emma and Landry enjoyed a week of Vacation Bible School at the same church where Emma will attend preschool this next fall. They did a lot of crafts and learned some more about the Bible. A pretty good use of some summer vacation time.

The girls made the tie-die shirts that they are wearing in the picture.

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4 and a Half Year Birthday

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We had hoped to go to Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin Dells this summer, so we decided to use Emma’s 4.5 birthday as the backdrop for the day. Kenny stayed home this year with Grandma and Grandpa Swany, but Cousin Landry came a long.

As you look through the pictures, I got some help from Emma for some of the captions. Anything in quotes are her exact words.

Emma didn’t know that we bought a cake at the grocery store.

She was pretty surprised.

We did save the cake until after lunch.

A little lunch. This all took place at a rest area just north of Wisconsin Dells.

Emma and dad went down a lot of the slides together. Next time Emma said she will do them by herself.

Emma did go down this slide by herself.

The two girls did a little racing down the side by side slides.

Here is the finish. A big splash.

Here the two are taking a picture that Emma claims to be “kind of cute and funny.”

Emma says, “Landry went down the turtle slide really fast.”

Emma says, “We took a picture by the turtle and I smiled really kind of good.”

“Riding on the horse, heedy haw.”

“We were in the wavy water and we had so much fun in the wavy water.”

“Wow I jumped really high over the waves. I wanted to say ‘hee haw’.”

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Northern Wisconsin State Fair

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The Swanstrom Family met up with our friends the Gormans to have a little fun at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair. It was a little hot, but not too bad.

We started off in the butterfly house. It was actually free to get in and air conditioned.

Papa Swany, who grew up on a farm, hasn’t had a chance to explain the many reasons why you don’t milk a cow from the rear.

The first ride for Emma and Jack was an obstacle course with a few fun slides.

Static electricty was a big part of the ride.

No ones hair was safe.

I almost though Kenny would be too little to appreciate the rides. I was wrong. He just loved driving the car and when I started to unbuckle him at the end he threw a nice little fit.

He was totally into turning the steering wheel and then waving to people. He never waved at us, just random people.

Poor Jack. His bee never went up and down. He did get to ride again though.

Though Emma went down the slide first, we start with a picture of Jack. This is because I (Dana) wasn’t paying attention when Emma came down first.

So here is Emma. The carnival worker was so nice that even without asking, he let Emma and Jack go a second time so that I could get a picture. Carnival workers kind of have a bad name, but we interacted with some pretty nice ones.

Kenny’s last ride was on the motorcycles.

Again, he just loved it. This time his fit started as soon as the motorcycles stopped moving. He knew this time that his dad would be coming to get him.

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Sister Pictures

Posted by danaandtammy on Tuesday Jul 6, 2010 Under Photographs

When Tammy’s sister Lori was visiting a few weeks ago we took maternity pictures. If you want to see more check out our business photography blog, which is

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4th of July Festivities

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The Maloney’s had us at their house for some 4th of July Festivities. We spent a little time by the lake, ate some good food, and everyone stayed up for some fireworks. Fun the whole time.

Emma had lots of fun riding the Sea Doo with Uncle Tracy.

Kenny never left the dock.

Kenny did have fun watching from the dock though.

Somewhere there is older picture of Aunt Tessa with all her nieces and nephews, but I can’t find it . Here is the current one though.

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