Minnesota State Fair 2010

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We spend another day this year at the Minnesota State Fair. This year mom and dad both spent the day with Emma and Landry. The weather was great and we found parking close by. What else can you ask for?

The rides started with a green bug that spun around.

Swings were next where Emma was just tall enough (good thing she had shoes on).

Both Emma and Landry got airborne on this slide.

Both girls ended up going on one ride by themselves as the result of not coming to a consensus.

Check out last year’s picture (very end of the post). This year the girls were a little more energetic; (bringing a double stroller sure helps).

Here the girls are spin painting.  Definitely worth the money!

We visited Uncle Dayle at his booth. He was there almost every day of the fair.

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Trip to Duluth

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Aunt Jeannine and Uncle Dayle invited the Swanstrom family on a little trip to Duluth, MN. We had lots of fun and saw some really big boats.

Kenny decided to empty out the pretzels.

We ate at Grandma’s the last night and it got a little late.

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The Children Museums of Our Travels

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On our trip to Louisiana and then a week later to Duluth, we traveled to four children’s museum. Since we have a reciprocity membership here in Eau Claire, we were able to visit them all for free. So in this post we will include pictures from Memphis, St. Louis, and Duluth. We also went to the museum in New Orleans, but we forgot our camera so we don’t have any pictures.


The outside was pretty neat, with the Children’s Museum of Memphis blocks that let you know that you had arrived.

It was hot, but the kids enjoyed being out of the car.

Inside there was an amazing grocery store that even printed out a receipt of the things that you had bought.

Kenny enjoyed pretending to shop in the grocery store.

Kenny liked the produce aisle a lot.

We tried to work on putting stuff back, but he didn’t always put things back in the right spot.

We tried to get nice fire truck picture, but it never did quite work.

Kenny did enjoy pretending to drive the fire truck.

The museum had some really neat airplane exhibits.

St. Louis

We started with some painting.

Kenny hasn’t done a lot of painting yet in his life, but he sure enjoys it when he has the chance.

Emma also enjoys painting.

Looks like the sun and a rainbow.

I think I will have a helper with the car repairs.

The kids did a little fishing for some metal fish and a magnetic lure.

Water is one of Kenny’s favorite things to play with.

There were some tears when we had to leave this part.

Very true.

They had an almost full sized giant bean stalk. I think it was 3 stories tall.

Emma took the bean stalk all the way to the top.


Outside the Duluth is a statue of Albert Woolson. He fought on the Union side during the Civil war and when he died at age 106, he was the last Union surviving Union soldier. A really interesting thing was that a lady asked us to take a picture of her by the statue. After the photo she explained that she was a great-granddaughter of Mr. Woolson. She said that he was known for giving pennies to children and when she had visited his grave there were pennies on his tombstone.

The Duluth Children’s Museum is still in its early stages, so unfortunately it was quite as exciting as the other museums that we visited. That’s ok. The kids still had fun.

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Trip to Louisiana-The Two Kennys

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Our trip back to Eau Claire took us back through St. Louis. On the trip down we had visited with some friends and on the way back they opened up their house for us to stay with them. This is a picture of our Kenny with our friend the Air Force pilot whose name is also Kenny.

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Trip to Louisiana-Oak Alley Plantation

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One of our trips from Baton Rouge took us about an hour south to the historic Oak Alley Plantation situated along the winding Mississippi River. We got there late in the day and all of the buildings were actually closed, but we were able to take some pictures with the old oak trees. It is such a dichotomy to think that such a beautiful place was part of some of the darkest times in our countries history.

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Trip to Louisiana–Site Seeing in Baton Rouge

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We hit a few of the tourist attractions while in Baton Rouge. Here we visited the zoo and Tiger Mike.

One of our site seeing trips around Baton Rouge was to go to their zoo. It was really nice. Not too big, but not too small. The entrance to the zoo had this neat stone globe. The globe “floated” on some pressurized water.

It was a hot sweaty day at the zoo, but we had fun.

Another site in Baton Rouge was the home of Tiger Mike at LSU.

Tiger Mike was up and about during our visit, which made it easy to see him.

No one was really scared of Tiger Mike because of the strong fences.

Emma with a nice pose in front of the tiger statue.

A rare family picture from our trip. Thanks to the guy, whoever you are, for taking a nice shot of us.

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Trip to Louisiana–Time in New Orleans

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We made two trips to the city of New Orleans. Once we found parking, it was nice to walk around with the kids. The weather didn’t cooperate the first day, but our second trip was rain free. Both trips were memorable though.

Our first stop was at Cafe Du Monde.

The speciality of Cafe Du Monde is their beignets, which are basically donut squares with powder sugar on them.

Outside the cafe were some musicians that gave Kenny and Emma a little concert. Emma is trying to get Kenny to dance. As you can see some rain has started to fall.

Well, the skys basically opened up wide and we did our best to stay dry.

Emma enjoyed using the umbrella.

It just kept raining though, so we decided to get out of the French Quarter. In the process of exiting, Tammy dropped our camera on her foot producing a bloody gash and I banged my head trying to get our stuff into the back of the station wagon.

Kenny also had an umbrella. Tammy and I did not have an umbrella.

To get out of the rain we spent some time at the New Orleans Audubon Aquarium of the Americas.

We couldn’t get Kenny to join in on a picture, so here is just Emma.

This is a few days later. No rain, but it was pretty hot. We spent a little time at Jackson Square in the French Quarter. With a nice hand cross, Kenny is practicing for his Senior pictures.

The St. Louis Cathedral made for a nice backdrop for Norah.

And for Emma.

And for Aunt Lori and Cousin Luke.

The night ended with a meal and Auntie Tammy spending a little time with Luke.

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Trip to Louisiana–Hanging Out with the Hermerdings

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The main purpose of our trip was to visit Tammy’s sister Ellora and her family. We thankfully were able to just spend some time hanging out and having fun.

Norah and Kenny got along quite well. Kenny shared his shoes with Norah (the orange Crocs that she has on) and Norah shared all her toys with Kenny.

Louisiana State University (LSU) is in Baton Rouge. They have some nice parks to play in.

Kenny, like most boys, likes to play in the dirt or sand.

This is just after Kenny got a little lesson on throwing the Frisbee. Kenny’s face is the face of pride after a successful throw.

Emma really started to catch on how to make a good throw.

Nice follow through.

It is hot in Louisiana in August so we spent a few afternoons playing in the water.

Kenny liked to run towards the camera.

He would get really close and we would take a picture and then we would want to see it.

Uncle Joe was usually the keeper of the hose and some fun games ensued.

A little water limbo (not with the official bending backwards rule).

After limbo came some water leaping.

Bath time was fun and efficient.

Uncle Joe was a lot of fun.

We got all the cousins together for a picture. We didn’t get the perfect one…

…but we did get some cute ones.

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Trip to Louisiana–First Stop St. Louis

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One road trip wasn’t enough for this summer, so we are off to Louisiana. With two kids we split the trip up into two days by stopping in St. Louis. We spent the night and then as we took off the next day we stopped at the Gateway Arch.

Not a cloud in the sky. The beginnings of a hot day.

The Arch is definitely big.

The wait to get on the elevator wasn’t too long. Going on a Wednesday morning helps.

The elevators are more like pods with seats for 6 people to squeeze into.

Kenny liked to look out the window of the elevator.

Up at the top, you have to lean out to look out the window.

We worked really hard to get a good picture of the two of them.

We couldn’t get them to sit together though as you can see.

The arch is right on the Mississippi River, so as we walked back to the car Emma did a little wading in the water and that lead to a little jumping in the water.

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Daddy Is 33

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I turned 33 today.

I don’t really need gifts when I’ve got kids like this.

There were some gifts though.

A nice full zip team Radioshack bike jersey. Nice.

Picture frame hand painted by Emma. Also nice.

No picture in the frame yet, but it will have to be a nice one of my little girl.

Kenny got to try on the jersey first. He might need a small instead of the medium.

Now he just needs to be on a bike, crossing the finish line of a stage in the Tour de France. He’s got the hand raising down.

Emma got on some wheels during her turn with the jersey. Not a bike, but close enough.

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A Pirate Party

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Our friend Oscar turned 4 and to celebrate he had a pirate birthday party. The weather was nice and warm, and though we forgot swimsuits for our kids, they still enjoyed getting wet. It was a really really fun party for everyone.

Kenny doesn’t keep hats on, but if you are quick with a camera it can look like it.

There was a pinata and when the candy fell the kids pounced.

Emma was the slide queen. When the slide got wet, she was the only one that was able to shoot off the end of the slide.

Kenny did a lot of playing in just a cloth diaper. He liked to watch at times also.

The water balloons where something new to Kenny.

Even daddy got wet from a few water balloons.

Present opening is always filled with emotion when you are four.

A cute pirate cake and cupcakes with gold coins hit the spot after a lot of fun.

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Princess Camp

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Emma and her friends enjoyed a week of Princess Camp.

Princess friends.

Can you find Emma and Landry? They just blend right in.

There were a lot of smiles at princess camp.

Leaving class with a little curtsy.


Princess Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty)


Princess Ariel

Snow White

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Minnesota Children’s Museum

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A few weeks ago we got a new membership for the Eau Claire Children’s Museum and we dicided to get the reciprocal membership that allows us to go to other children’s museums across the country. We decided as a last minute trip to head to the Minnesota Children’s Museum for a little fun.

On the room of the museum that had a natural art exibit. You could paint stones with water.

Kenny enjoyed the painting and we liked the fact that he didn’t get all messy with paint.

Kenny was a pretty busy boy, but he did stop to pose for the camera a little bit.

Emma never did quite stop to pose, but I caught here in the background of this picture.

Kenny liked the view from the roof.

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