Preschool Bowling

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Emma and her preschool friends had a little field trip to the bowling ally for some “bumper” bowling. Emma even got a strike. She wants to go again soon.









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Morning Star Orphanage

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On our trip to China, my daughter and I (Tammy) had the honor of bringing some medical supplies, clothes, and toys to Morning Star Family Home, an orphanage specializing in the care of critically ill children. The Morning Star Foundation also works to raise the funding for the kid’s life saving surgeries. We want to share a few pictures and stories of the cuties and some ways that you can help out.

Our daughter enjoyed playing with the little ones, but still struggles understanding all the details of kids without a mom or a dad.




There are lots of ways to help…donating towards specific surgeries, sponsoring individual children monthly, donating towards general needs of the orphanage, adopting, spreading the word, volunteering (medical experience a plus), and prayer as you follow the stories of the children on Morning Star’s blog.

You can find more details at their blog, but here are the children that weren’t in the hospital when we visited.

This is Adam. He’s currently 8 months and still looking for a “forever family.”

Hope turns 1 on Easter, April 24th, and is waiting for a “forever family.”

Joy is just over a year and is waiting for a “forever family.”

Corrie is 3 and is loved so much at the orphanage, but is waiting for a “forever family.” Please take the time to read more of her story.

This little guy is Daniel and he is just waiting for his “forever family” to survive all the paperwork and come and pick him up. Yeah!

Emily was full of smiles for the camera and had lots of fun playing with our daughter. Emily is still looking for a “forever family.”

Josiah is almost 2 and is also adopted.

Last but not least is Luke, who has quite a story (you can read it here and more here). His “forever family” is also getting ready to come and get him.

There are others that we did not get to meet on this trip.

These children are so loved at Morning Star, but even the amazing directors Bill and Lynsay would be the first to say that what they all need is a family to call there own.

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The Forbidden City

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Here are a few snapshots of the Forbidden City from this trip and in 2007.




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The Water Cube

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One of the more famous venues from the 2008 Summer Olympics was the Water Cube.  Home of the swimming, diving and synchronised swimming events during the Olympics, Beijing’s Water Cube is now Asia’s largest indoor water park.

Lots of strangers wanted to get pictures with Emma. Not a single person asked me to be in their pictures :(.

This part of the Water Cube is the water park. The water was so nice and warm.  Unfortunately, I saw a baby with no diaper!

After leaving the water park area we were able to witness some pretty amazing diving at the Diving World Series. We saw some syncronized diving and some 10m platform diving.

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At the Park in Beijing

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I don’t know if we will have trampolines at our parks anytime soon, but it sure would be fun.




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Trip to the Beijing Zoo

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Exploring out on my own, I (Tammy) took the girls to the zoo. We had lots of fun and got to see some Pandas.


The girl’s visit to the Beijing Zoo back in 2007.







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Breezy Visit to the Great Wall

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When packing there is usually something that gets miscalculated. For this trip it was the thickness of clothing and coats.  It was a fun excursion even if cold.

Getting the American Girl Dolls all ready for the trip to see the Great Wall.


Trying to stay out of the wind. Hopefully none of the graffiti is offensive to those of you that read Chinese characters.


This section of the wall was rebuilt for tourists. There are numerous other sections that you can visit that are off the beaten trail.

At the Wall back in 2007.

The best view of anyone.

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The Twin City Model Railroad Museum

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Kenny and I brought Tammy and Emma to the airport for the flight to China. It was hard saying good bye, but we will see them soon.

After droping them off, the two of us visited the Twin City Model Railroad Museum. It was a lot of fun.

Before we even got into the museum, Kenny was impressed by the photos on the wall.

The museum has two parts. The more official part is all built to scale and was quite amazing. It was fun to watch for a while, but it wasn’t very interactive for a 2 year old.

The other part of the museum is only open on the weekends, but it is more hands on. Signs all over the place encouraged children to play with the trains.

There were some Thomas and Friends trains that Kenny could control with an orange lever. He would speed up, slow down, and stop Thomas. He loved it.

This and the next few photos show how expressive Kenny was while being the conductor.



As with riding tractors with Papa Swany, all good things come to an end and that is just so tough for little boys.

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