Family Party ~ January 13, 2015 ~ Part 3

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Your 9th year of life was another great one. We have enjoyed seeing how you love learning how to do things by watching YouTube videos. You have learned a lot about doing your hair, cooking, and making things.

It was a tough year with gymnastics. You broke your elbow in April, but fought through the pain and the tight muscles to get back to competing. You competed in level 5 and it went great. You realized though that at this moment gymnastics is something that you want to take a break from. That’s ok. You can always go back to it.

With Kenny at school this year, you have been a lot of help. You have stuck up for him after his seizure and we know that you are always helping him with his coat and school stuff. Your servant heart makes us so proud.

We love you and we look forward to what your 10th year of life will bring.

Dad (and Mom)


Here are the highlights from the family party.

The whole family got in on the “Just Dance” fun.

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