Paris Eiffel Tower Birthday Canvas DIY Craft

Posted by danaandtammy on Saturday Jan 17, 2015 Under Art, Birthdays, Emma's creations, Kid Pictures

Here is a step by step of how we made the Eiffel Tower Canvas.

Materials Needed:


Scrapbooking Paper

Paint (We used acrylic)


Mastic (Tile Grout)

Mod Podge or Matte Medium

First, I found a picture of the Eiffel Tower that I liked.  After I printed it out I traced the outline on the canvas.  You could use any shape or object that you like.

Next I started applying Mastic (tile grout) that I got from our local home improvement store to add texture.

My idea was to have the kids decorate the inside of the Eiffel Tower with scrapbook paper so I just textured the outside which will later be painted.

To frame the tower I traced the outline with the grout using a cake decorating bag.

You need at least 24 hours for the grout to harden.

Before the birthday party I pre-ripped little strips of scrapbooking paper for the girls to pick from.  To apply the paper to the canvas you first need to do a layer of mod podge directly to the canvas.  After arranging the paper strips where you want them on the canvas you should apply another coat of mod podge as a top layer.

Finally, the last step is to paint the textured canvas.

Ooh la la!

I love how they all turned out!


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