Paris Eiffel Tower Birthday Canvas DIY Craft

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Here is a step by step of how we made the Eiffel Tower Canvas.

Materials Needed:


Scrapbooking Paper

Paint (We used acrylic)


Mastic (Tile Grout)

Mod Podge or Matte Medium

First, I found a picture of the Eiffel Tower that I liked.  After I printed it out I traced the outline on the canvas.  You could use any shape or object that you like.

Next I started applying Mastic (tile grout) that I got from our local home improvement store to add texture.

My idea was to have the kids decorate the inside of the Eiffel Tower with scrapbook paper so I just textured the outside which will later be painted.

To frame the tower I traced the outline with the grout using a cake decorating bag.

You need at least 24 hours for the grout to harden.

Before the birthday party I pre-ripped little strips of scrapbooking paper for the girls to pick from.  To apply the paper to the canvas you first need to do a layer of mod podge directly to the canvas.  After arranging the paper strips where you want them on the canvas you should apply another coat of mod podge as a top layer.

Finally, the last step is to paint the textured canvas.

Ooh la la!

I love how they all turned out!


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Friend Birthday Party~ January 17, 2015 ~ Day 17

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Your birthday week celebrations finally came to an end with your friend party at our house. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the Paris theme and making the Eiffel Tower canvas.

You truly have such a great group of friends.

I love how everyone’s turned out!

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American Girl Doll Room ~ January 14, 2015 ~ Day 14

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It didn’t take you long to get Grace and all her accessories all moved in downstairs.

 I love all your attention to the little details.

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Before moving to Wisconsin I had never heard of “snow days” just for being too cold.  Today was one of those days.  The high today was -5 with a windchill of -40! With no school Emma spent the day with her good friends baking and crafting.

Kenny, Dana, and I spent our day in Marshfield for Kenny’s neuro. psych appointment.

My sweet buddy – I sometimes wonder what you think of all your doctor appointments or what it feels like to have a seizure or to realize that your left hand doesn’t work quite as well.  At 4 months you were officially diagnosed with Unilateral Closed Lip Schizencephaly after a MRI revealed you have a little cleft or crevice in the right side of your brain.  We had no idea what that would mean for you but you continue to amaze us with all the things you are able to do.  You are currently on Keppra for your seizures but the doctor is still trying to find the right dosage for you to hopefully become seizure free.


Today was just a check up to monitor your progress.  The doctor said everything looked good!

After we got back in town you joined in with the fun and helped make your frozen dessert.

Here are some of Emma’s creations from the day.


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What a fun day of crafting with friends and a impromptu dance and gymnastic party.

The girls made window clings with puffy paint but unfortunately the wax paper didn’t come off very well.

With our living room still rearranged from Christmas present opening everyone had lots of room to do their dancing.

I love that you had fun doing gymnastics today with your friends but my heart is still aches that you chose to quit this fall.  I do hope that someday you can find something that you enjoy.

Kenny – you are convinced that you going to marry Kayla.

Unfortunately I don’t think she feels the same:-)

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Wednesday ~ March 5, 2014 ~ Day 64

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It’s always hard coming home from vacation.  Emma was back to school today and has a little homework from being gone.  Much to others disapproval I will always value travel and those memories together as a family over not missing school.

Emma is always creating new things; lately it has been fake food.  I’m always in awe of her creativity and wish I knew the best way to encourage her talent.  I have always said that I didn’t want to home school but I will admit that now I am at least considering it.  (But with us both being strong willed it might not go so well:-)

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Friday ~ February 28, 2014 ~ Day 59

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Friday night fun at our house: playing games, painting, building, and cooking.

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Wednesday ~ February 26, 2014 ~ Day 57

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Emma loves to watch American Girl Doll “tours” on You Tube.  Here is her “tour” in pictures.

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Monday ~ February 24, 2014 ~ Day 55

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Although you can’t tell from his face Kenny was super proud to get his “high five” at school today.

I think Emma would make a great architect or interior designer!  Here is her latest creation.

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Sunday ~ February 23, 2014 ~ Day 54

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Emma and Gabbie hard at work with their art.

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Friday ~ February 14, 2014 ~ Day 45

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Happy Valentines Day from all of us! This year we gave the kids new paint and I decorated their doors with lots of little Valentine hearts each with a word that describes them.

Emma and her dolls started the morning with a little tea party.

Emma was off from school so she came with to drop off Kenny at his preschool for his Valentines Day party.

After we dropped him off Emma and I had a little date at Noodles and Company and did some shopping.

She even got some painting done before it was time to go get Kenny.

I fell in love with the Colorations Liquid Water Color when Kenny’s preschool used it last year.  So I finally got some yesterday and it didn’t take us long to spill it everywhere.  Can you believe that we spilled it 3 times today?!?

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Thursday ~ January 30, 2014 ~ Day 30

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Kenny had Kindergarten Open House at Crestview this morning but the best part was getting to go outside with Emma and friends at recess.

Emma is always designing and crafting new things for her American Girl doll room.  Today she made an ice cream sundae.  I love it!

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