Paris Eiffel Tower Birthday Canvas DIY Craft

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Here is a step by step of how we made the Eiffel Tower Canvas.

Materials Needed:


Scrapbooking Paper

Paint (We used acrylic)


Mastic (Tile Grout)

Mod Podge or Matte Medium

First, I found a picture of the Eiffel Tower that I liked.  After I printed it out I traced the outline on the canvas.  You could use any shape or object that you like.

Next I started applying Mastic (tile grout) that I got from our local home improvement store to add texture.

My idea was to have the kids decorate the inside of the Eiffel Tower with scrapbook paper so I just textured the outside which will later be painted.

To frame the tower I traced the outline with the grout using a cake decorating bag.

You need at least 24 hours for the grout to harden.

Before the birthday party I pre-ripped little strips of scrapbooking paper for the girls to pick from.  To apply the paper to the canvas you first need to do a layer of mod podge directly to the canvas.  After arranging the paper strips where you want them on the canvas you should apply another coat of mod podge as a top layer.

Finally, the last step is to paint the textured canvas.

Ooh la la!

I love how they all turned out!


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Friend Birthday Party~ January 17, 2015 ~ Day 17

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Your birthday week celebrations finally came to an end with your friend party at our house. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the Paris theme and making the Eiffel Tower canvas.

You truly have such a great group of friends.

I love how everyone’s turned out!

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More Birthday Presents ~ January 15, 2015 ~ Day 15

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I can remember as a kid my dad loved to wrap presents with extra items to disguise the actual present.  I vaguely remember him wrapping a brick once with something small just to surprise my mom.

But this present disguise that Grandma Swany did for you was pretty awesome.  She secretly slipped an American Girl Gift Card into the kleenex box so at first you thought it was just kleenex! Ha!

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Family Party ~ January 13, 2015 ~ Part 3

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Your 9th year of life was another great one. We have enjoyed seeing how you love learning how to do things by watching YouTube videos. You have learned a lot about doing your hair, cooking, and making things.

It was a tough year with gymnastics. You broke your elbow in April, but fought through the pain and the tight muscles to get back to competing. You competed in level 5 and it went great. You realized though that at this moment gymnastics is something that you want to take a break from. That’s ok. You can always go back to it.

With Kenny at school this year, you have been a lot of help. You have stuck up for him after his seizure and we know that you are always helping him with his coat and school stuff. Your servant heart makes us so proud.

We love you and we look forward to what your 10th year of life will bring.

Dad (and Mom)


Here are the highlights from the family party.

The whole family got in on the “Just Dance” fun.

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Cupcakes for school ~ January 13, 2015 ~ Part 2

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After lunch Dad, Grandma and Grandpa Fish, and I brought cupcakes for you to share with your class.  Thanks for letting us come!

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Birthday morning ~ January 13, 2015 ~ Day 13

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Not being a morning person, our birthday tradition of opening the “family” presents before dawn isn’t my favorite. Unfortunately you do not share my love of sleeping in.

Happy 9th birthday my sweet Emma!  We love you so much!

Thanks for letting Kenny open a couple of your presents.

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Tooth fairy ~ January 11, 2015 ~ Day 11

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Another tooth bites the dust.

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American Girl Birthday ~ January 11, 2015 ~ Day 11

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Your birthday week celebrations started with lunch at the American Girl Doll Cafe in Mall of America.

After lunch the birthday crew hit the ropes course and zip line in the mall.

And the final stop before home was jumping fun at Sky Zone.

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My girl ~ January 6, 2015 ~ Day 6

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After school we hit up Michaels for some inspiration for your Paris themed birthday party.  We didn’t find anything but found some ideas on Etsy.

I am having a hard time admitting that you are turning 9.  I love to joke with you that you will always be 8 and I will always be 35!

You are such a good reader but we haven’t found a series that you love.

Maybe you will enjoy Judy Moody?

 (Lately before bed you will read to me while I am folding clothes.)

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Sunday ~ February 2, 2014 ~ Day 33

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I love Kenny’s creativity.  Here he has constructed a marble track in his room.

Our niece Lani had her 9th Birthday / Super Bowl Party today.

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Our first stop was lunch at the American Girl cafe.  The rest of the day we all rode rides.

I’m glad we decided to bring just our point and shoot camera and truly just enjoy the day. Happy Birthday my sweet!

Our annual birthday letter to Emma-

Dear Emma,

We just returned from just a great day at the Mall of America. This year it was just the four of us. We ate at the American Girl Doll Store and then spent the rest of the afternoon riding rides. It was so nice that more than once, you choose to sit with Kenny on a ride and mom and I rode together. You are such a great big sister (though you do have your moments 🙂 ).

This year you have returned to competing in gymnastics. You have done so well and we look forward to how you will develop with you skills. Because of abilities that God has given you, we pray often that you will realize the power that you hold. So many with great skills use their position to gain popularity and become prideful. We pray that you will remain humble and use your position to encourage those around you who are younger and look up to you and to encourage those that might have less ability but are trying their hardest.

Your 8th year of life has really been full of great memories. We are so glad that you are our daughter. We thank God for you daily.


Mom and Dad

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Happy 8th Birthday Emma!  We started the day with our birthday tradition of opening the family presents as soon as everyone was awake.  And then we headed to the Mall of America to celebrate.

After opening all her friend and family presents she has quite the Lego collection.

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The celebrations continued into the evening with her family party.  My mom (Grandma Fish) baked and iced the cake and we all had fun decorating it.  It was the first time I had used fondant but I’m impressed how easy it was to roll out and cut the shapes we wanted. Emma loved it!

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Today we celebrated Emma’s 8th birthday.  The celebrations  started with her friend party at the gymnastics center.  Both gymnastic and school friends joined us for the celebration.




Emma Birthday collage - school friends

Emma Birthday collage - gym friends

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Saturday ~ January 11, 2014 ~ Day 11

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Emma had another awesome gymnastic meet this weekend; she got 2nd place all-around!

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