Mt. Rushmore

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The kids were up bright and early, so they played games on the computer and let me sleep a little more. After spending the morning at Mt. Rushmore we drove the rest of the way to Colorado.

Can’t you tell my kids LOVE taking pictures?

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Just Another Spot to Pee

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Since potty training has occured, Kenny has found a few interesting places to go potty. He likes to pee in a cup during bath time and recently he used the bucket of his front-end loader as a urinal. We didn’t see him actually do this, but it appeared like he was a pretty good shot as the floor was dry.

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May Cross the Line, But Funny

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I (Dana) have brought Kenny and Emma to Emma’s swimming lessons the last two days. Don’t know if it is all the water, but both days I have had to use the restroom. Having Kenny with, I just chose to hold him while I stood and did what I needed to do. Today after all of this occurred, it was time to get Emma changed into her dry clothes. Since she is only 4 she was in the men’s changing area with me and while I was helping her Kenny was roaming free.

Kenny almost immediately headed for the urinal (small detail, these are full length urinals that go all the way to the floor). Since I was concerned that he might start playing in the urinal, I started walking his way. As I was walking I noticed that he had stopped right in front of the urinal, he then lifted up his shirt, and then this is the best part, he grabbed onto a little extra skin that is part of his belly button and just stood there facing the urinal. He did exactly everything that I had done just minutes before, just with a different part of the anatomy since he hasn’t yet figure out how to get his diaper off. At 20 months it seems to me he is ready to start peeing like the big boys.

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Easter Egg Hunting at Carson Park

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The Boy and Girl Scouts of Eau Claire put on a really nice Easter Egg Hunt for the community. It was a lot of fun.

Kenny did a nice job waiting for the hunt to start. The coloroful eggs were tempting.

Kenny and I set the goal of getting one egg. I placed him in front of a blue one. He just stood there for a moment mesmorized by all of the other kids running around. Finally he reached down to pick it up.

Next was getting the egg into the basket. It looks like he is on his way, but what actaully happened right after I took this shot was that Kenny saw another little boy put an egg into the grocery bag held by this little boy’s mom. Kenny decided that must be the thing to do, so we walked over and with out the mom seeing he put his blue egg in the the bag. The mom did end up noticing and gave the egg back to Kenny and he got it into his basket.

After getting his one egg we went to the egg trading post where eggs were traded for a bag of candy.

If you look really close you can see his bag of jelly beans. Kenny really likes jelly beans.

The hunt was divided up into age groups so Emma and Landry went with Tammy to the 3-5 year old area. The compitition was stiff, but with a little sharing, both girls ended up with 4 eggs.

They too traded in their eggs for candy.

They both like jelly beans also.

Besides just the egg hunt, there were some inflatable jumping areas and one had a slide.

The girls loved the slide and had to do it twice.

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Our Sick Boy

Posted by danaandtammy on Saturday Jan 30, 2010 Under Kenny's Health, Kid Pictures, Kid Stories, Photographs, Stories

Kenny had a fever of 104 yesterday, but then this morning he seemed to be doing a lot better. After his afternoon nap his fever was back up to 103.8. We decided to go into Urgent Care to get him checked over. The doctor could see that his throat was quite red and with white “junk.” He hoped that it would be strep throat so we could get him some antibiotics and be done with it. The strep test came back negative though. We left urgent care just with the explanation that it was a case of viral tonsillitis. After his afternoon nap his fever was back up and this time 104.9, so we called the on call pediatrician. Her diagnosis over the phone is that Kenny most likely has mono. High fever and sore throat with white secretions are pretty telling when it comes to mono. So the plan is just to keep him as comfortable as possible with ibuprofen and if anything changes to go back to the doctor.

Right before bed Kenny was actually doing a little bit better after a fresh dose of ibuprofen. He let us put a baby wipe on his forehead to help him keep cool.

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Geek Baby

Posted by danaandtammy on Tuesday Dec 29, 2009 Under Kid Pictures, Kid Stories, Photographs, Stories

Kenny likes technology, just like his Daddy. He loves to use remote controls, cell phones, computers and their mice. Grandpa Fish has even nicknamed him “Geek Baby.” In just the last 5 days we have these photos as proof.

It is a new way of typing, but it works.

Technology is most useful to keep Kenny happy during picture taking.

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Christmas Eve Morning

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Tomorrow (Christmas Day) the Swanstroms hope to fly to Colorado to be with Tammy’s parents and grandmother. The weather might get in the way, but since we will be leaving early we decided to celebrate Christmas today. Besides present opening, the other excitement was that I tried to adjust a ceiling light during present opening, fell off the chair I was on, and literally landed on my head. Everyone was crying in fear except for me. I’ve got a little sore neck, but ibuprofen has helped a lot.

First things out of the stockings. Kenny got a blue rubber ducky, Emma got some hand sanitizer. Both seem pleased :).

Kenny’s duck and truck (just behind Kenny) were no match for the allure of his big sister’s stuff.

If you look real close you can see that she has a princess math book. It doesn’t get much better.

Last gift was a cash register. Emma loves to play restaurant with play food and play money.

Kenny got a little puzzle.

Trying to get a good pose with their stockings. Grandma Swany keeps them up to date for each Christmas.

Take Two or Twenty-Two…can’t remember.

An individual shot of Emma…

And one of just Kenny.

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Small Butt

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Kenny has a metal trash can in his bedroom. This morning it was tipped over and the can’s normal circle shape was more oval. We asked Emma if she had sat on the trash can. Her reply (not edited for grammar) was “I have a small butt. I can’t do it. Maybe Kenny did it.”

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Locked Up

Posted by danaandtammy on Monday Nov 23, 2009 Under Kid Stories, Stories

Kenny spent over 30 minutes in the bathroom today. Kenny loves to shut doors. Kenny also loves to open drawers. The combination of those two things kept the bathroom door from reopening more than just a half of an inch. Tammy even called me at school and I was about to come home, when Kenny finally shut the drawer. The event definitely didn’t phase Kenny as much as it did his mom.

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A Little Girl’s Mind

Posted by danaandtammy on Wednesday Sep 30, 2009 Under Kid Stories, Photographs, Stories

“Mom, when will I have a baby?”

“When you get older and get married.”

“Who am I going to marry?”

“Well who do you want to marry?”


“Sorry, he is already married to me. How about your friend Jack?” (See picture)


(Jack is a little younger than Emma, but they are good friends since his mom and dad are friends of Emma’s mom and dad)

“Oh no, not Jack……….But what about Georg in China?”

“Do you mean Georg in Germany?”

“Yes, Georg in Germany” (See picture)


(As you can see there is a bit of an age difference. Georg stayed with Dana’s family back in the late 90s for one school year as an exchange student. We have visited him in Germany a couple of times and he was so good to Emma. He would make a good husband.)

“When you do have a baby, daddy and I will be a grandpa and a grandma and you will live with your husband.”

“I will miss you and daddy when you are a grandma and grandpa. I will miss you so much.”

At this time real tears came and the conversation was over. At 3.5 years she is already thinking ahead to the future.

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The Mosquitoes Have Been Pretty Bad

Posted by danaandtammy on Monday Aug 24, 2009 Under Kid Stories, Stories

The mosquitoes have been really bad here in Wisconsin after a lot of rain. And when there has been a lot of talk about mosquitoes around the house, things like this come out of three year old mouths… In response to Tammy spilling some spaghetti sauce on her shirt Emma said, “I can’t see the ‘mosghetti’ bite on your shirt.”

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Kenny got Watered

Posted by danaandtammy on Saturday May 30, 2009 Under Kid Pictures, Kid Stories, Photographs

Kenny was off playing kind of by himself in the living room, when Emma asked Tammy if she could give Kenny a drink of water from the sippy cup. Tammy said sure. Emma decided that she should water him like a plant.  If you look carefully on the first picture you can see that his whole entire back is wet. The second picture kind of shows how his hair also got wet, but we really just included it because he looks so cute.

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Nighttime prayers with Emma

Posted by danaandtammy on Friday Apr 10, 2009 Under Kid Stories, Stories

When Emma and I (Dana) pray at night we usually alternated sentences. Tonight I started and said “Dear God, thank you that it is Easter.” Emma immediately took over and said “and thank you that we didn’t take any Easter pictures today.” As the children of photographers, our kids will probably always be thankful for days without any pictures.

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Stubborn little girls

Posted by danaandtammy on Saturday Apr 4, 2009 Under Kid Stories, Stories

We don’t just write much here on our blog. We are a lot about pictures, but some things are a little hard to photograph. And though we have some major concerns about Kenny right now, Emma still has a way of keeping us on our toes.

Our first born Emma is a little strong willed, stubborn you might say. It shows in the typical 2 and 3 year moments like not wanted to go to bed, etc. But is has also shown in bigger yet more subtle ways.

Walking. She would not walk by herself when she was learning to walk. We actually where quite worried that she was delayed with walking. She wouldn’t take any of those few unhelped steps that are so typical from mom do dad. Then after weeks of being so close to walking, but too stubborn to take any steps by herself a toy at a garage sale caught her eye. She forgot about holding our hands and walked to the toy. Within hours of that moment she was a walker and didn’t need any help.

Potty training. Same thing. Too stubborn to try the potty. Then one day, later than most kids, in a panic in the bathtub that she had to go potty we were able to set her on the potty. The tinkle came out. It wasn’t that hard, and she never went back to diapers. Walking in one day. Potty training in one day.

Naps. Naps had been going great. Two hours, sometimes more, every afternoon. Last Monday, “I’m not tired.” No naps since then.

So we are glad our daughter can walk and is potty trained, we are sad that naps are done. What is for sure though is that we will always love our little girl even with all her stubbornness.

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