Last Day of Diapers

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One last cleaning and off to Ebay.

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Mother’s Day

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The Swanstrom’s celebrated Mother’s Day up on Lake Wissota. It was a beautiful day outside and we all had a lot of fun. Tammy was recovering from a cold, so she wasn’t feeling the best, but she still was blessed to spend the time with her great kids.

Kenny did not want to just sit for a picture. He wanted to play. For anyone who has held a toddler who doesn’t want to sit, Kenny is just starting the move used by any child–straighten those legs and arch the back and then just slip out of the lap.

Here Kenny is just trying to crawl away. Emma is also interested in doing something else than take pictures and she is letting us know oh so subtly.

This was the best of the three of them. Two smiles out of three isn’t bad.

Don’t know the problem with the little one in the middle, but once again two smiles out of three isn’t bad.

The shirt that Tammy is wearing was painted by Emma for Mother’s Day. It turned out very nice.

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Happy Old Year

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Well, we are signing off for 2009. Thanks for everyone who has joined us for a fairly eventful year.

With love,

The Swanstroms

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Visit from Some Friends

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Some friends of ours who live in East Asia have been the States for the last few months. We were honored to have them stay with us a few days. They have a 4 year old daughter Abby and a soon to be two year old named Hudson. Emma had lots of fun with the two of them.

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Now on Facebook

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We are now on Facebook and wanted to let you know. All posts to this blog will now show up in our notes section of Facebook also. One thing to note, if you are viewing this in Facebook, you can click on the link “View Original Post” at the bottom of any post to be brought to our official blog to get the entire blog feel. One last technical detail, if you want to subscribe directly to our official blog and you use an RSS reader, you can subscribe to our feed here.

One last thing, if you are just joining with us and we’ve been out of touch with you, let me just direct you to some of our posts on Kenny’s health. He is actually very healthy, it is just that he does have a brain issue that he was born with and since we might randomly post about it, you might as well read our other posts. You can read all about Kenny’s health here. You may want to start reading from the bottom of the page.

All for now,
Dana, Tammy, Emma, and Kenny

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Phoenix Park in Eau Claire

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Here are just two pictures from our trip down to the farmer’s market, which is located at Phoenix Park here in Eau Claire. Our plan was to just go to the Farmer’s Market on what was a relatively cold Saturday morning, but Emma insisted on wearing a dress so we decided to get Kenny spiffed up too.

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Circus Circus

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If you look closely at the background in the first picture you can see a man on a trapeeze. You don’t see that often, unless you happen to be at the…circus.

Emma and her cousin Landry were very cooperative in a very stressful atmosphere. We got to the circus just as it was starting and the stands were packed. We thankfully found some seats. Here they are cheering on the high wire motorcycle act.

Kenny also did some cheering and some flirting with a high school girl sitting behind us.

We end here with another hug shot of the two girls. We did leave a little early from the circus as the girls wanted to play in the park before it got dark, but overall we had a fun time at the circus.

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Wearing something that Papa Fish Wore

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Grandma Fish (Carolyn) had an outfit of Grandpa Fish’s that she let us borrow for some pictures. Back when Emma was 9.5 months (October of 2006) she wore the outfit. It fit her pretty well.

Kenny at almost 8 months had a much tighter fit. We even needed to snip a few stitches of thread to get it over his head.

Here is one with the original owner of the outfit. He did not try in on again. 🙂

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Kenny’s 5 Month Picture

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Kenny turned 5 months on March 24th. We have a special frame for a picture from every month of his first year. We try to make the pictures a little special, so even though this was taken a week before his “birthday” we are using it as his official 5 month picture.

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Driving up Pike’s Peak

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We drove Pike’s Peak one of our last days in Colorado. We almost weren’t able to drive to the top because of snow, but the sun came out and cleared off the roads. Once again here are some pictures from the adventure.


Emma wasn’t overly happy at that his moment. We had just told her to get back into the car and she wasn’t quite ready to do so.


Here we are at the top. Emma was a trooper and we were able to get this picture. She even gave us a smile.


Papa Fish and Kenny had a moment here. We’ve been asked who Kenny looks like. We’ve heard that he looks like both of this Grandfathers. We will have to post a picture of Kenny with his Grandpa Swany. Then you will all have to let us know what you think…who does Kenny look like?

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At the Park in Pueblo

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Our blog isn’t always chronological. The pictures in this post occurred just after I was starting to feel better on our trip to Colorado. The weather was so nice that Tammy, Emma, and I walked to a park. These are just some of our favorite pictures from the adventure.




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Cousin Avery’s Birthday Party

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Cousin Avery had her 10th birthday party this last weekend. Her actual birthday is March 17th. Her she is with her cake.


Also at the party was Aunt Tessa, Uncle Ryan and Kenny


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Day 2 Getting Ready for St. Patrick’s Day

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These were all taken on Monday, the day before St. Patrick’s Day. We had hoped to post them yesterday, but I (Dana) was sick with the stomach flu. It started Monday night, but by last night I was feeling pretty good. So though a day late, Happy St. Patrick’s day.

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Day 2 Visiting Great Grandmother

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Emma loves to trace her hands and feet. We even got big enough paper at home to trace her whole body. During one of our visits to Great Grandmother on Monday, Emma traced her own hand and then Great Grandma’s hand.

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Day 1 Visiting Great Grandmother

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Our main activity for today was to visit Great Grandma Howard.  Great Grandma is Tammy’s mom’s mom. She lives here in Pueblo. We spend time just talking and being together. It was nice and relaxing.

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