Great Grandma clothes ~ January 24, 2015 ~ Day 24

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One of my favorite traditions is your yearly picture in your great grandmothers clothes. Each year we take your picture in Great – Grandma Howard’s swimsuit and Great – Grandma Miller’s wedding dress.  You can check out the past years here.

Jan. 24, 2015 – age 9

Last year we didn’t take the pictures until May!

May 2014 – age 8

great – grandma miller’s wedding dress

May 2014 – age 8

great grandma howard’s swimsuit

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One More Visit to Great Grandma Howards

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We’ll probably say some good-byes tomorrow, but we had one more play date with Great Grandma tonight. Emma played some more dominoes with her and Kenny explored her apartment. It was a good time.

One of Kenny’s favorite pastimes besides pressing buttons on electronic devices, is to remove twist off lids and then put them back on.

Here we have 4 generations on Tammy’s side of the family. Great Grandma Howard, Grandma Fishback, Tammy, Emma, and Kenny Swanstrom

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Dominoes with Great Grandma

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Emma was able to spend some time with Great Grandma. Great Grandma is good at games and Emma just got some new games for Christmas, so they enjoyed playing together.

The ladies are having a friendly game of princess dominoes.

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Christmas in Colorado

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We celebrate Christmas in Colorado on December 27th. Great Grandma Howard came over for the presents and for Christmas dinner. It was nice to have arrived safely and celebrate Christmas together, even if it was a day later than planned.

Tammy was able to buy a used toy dishwasher via Craigslist. It was being sold in Colorado, so Tammy’s mom picked it up and then we gave it to Emma in Pueblo. The only challenge left is how to get it back to Eau Claire. All this work to complete Emma’s pink kitchen set.

Grandma Fishback made Emma some nightgowns. Here is her “Little Miss” nightgown.

Grandma Fishback opened an ornament picture frame with a picture of her and Kenny in it.

Grandpa Fishback and Kenny doing a gentle head butt while eating some kiwi. Male bonding.

Kenny and Great Grandma Howard.

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Day 2 Visiting Great Grandmother

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Emma loves to trace her hands and feet. We even got big enough paper at home to trace her whole body. During one of our visits to Great Grandmother on Monday, Emma traced her own hand and then Great Grandma’s hand.

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Day 1 Visiting Great Grandmother

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Our main activity for today was to visit Great Grandma Howard.  Great Grandma is Tammy’s mom’s mom. She lives here in Pueblo. We spend time just talking and being together. It was nice and relaxing.

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